What You Didn't See On WWE RAW Last Night

(Credit: PWInsider.com)

Unlimited kicks off as Lillian sings the National Anthem and then introduces The King and JR, who both get pops from the crowd.

- A graphic for the Diva Search accidentally came up briefly before Todd Grisham hosted Sign of the Night. The signs included: We're Sluts Too (with arrows pointed down,) Cena is RAW, See No Evil KANE, Cena Rules, We Were Born on May 19th, Hi Mom, Monday Night Raw Vegas, Spirit Squad s-u-c-k-i-t, We've Cena Nuff, Lovely Lita Lumps, I've Seen Evil, and Sweet Chin Music for the Spirit Squad.

- Van Dam poses in the ring as the ref stops him from charging Benjamin. Benjamin starts to get in the ring and drops back down, resulting in boos. Benjamin gets in the ring from the side and RVD hits shots in the corner and shoulder blocks, followed by a belly-to-belly suplex with a bridge for a two count. Benjamin hits a thumb to the eye and shots in the corner. RVD fights back with fists and Benjamin slips away and hits a backbreaker. He locks in a headlock and RVD pumps his fist to rally the crowd. He breaks out and whips Benjamin, but is caught by a boot to the face. Benjamin sets RVD up in powerbomb position, but instead drops him down into the turnbuckle into a Snake Eyes. Benjamin gets a two count and follows up with kicks to the back of RVD's head. He hits a slam and a drop elbow as we go back live.

- Maria comes out to the ring for the Kiss Cam. Maria says they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but not tonight. Most of the couples kissed, including a pair of girls wearing Cena jerseys at the end. At one point, the camera went on the timekeeper and crewman beside Lillian and they pretended to maul each other.

- Chris Masters is in the locker room and says he was robbed of the WWE Championship last week and wants the people to picture the title on his masterpiece of a body. He says Cena has a better chance of hitting the jackpot here in Vegas than breaking his Masterlock.

- Masters rolls Cena back in the ring and gets a two count. He jumps on Cena and slams his head. They exchange blows and Cena goes down, allowing Masters to grab his legs and hit a kick to the gut. He gets another two count and hits a hard kick. He whips Cena hard into the corner and both men go down due to the force. Masters poses and gets booed and they exchange blows again. Cena is countered as he comes off the ropes and gets caught into a side slam. Masters gets another two count and hits two big legdrops as the crowd starts to chant 'Cena, Cena.'

- Highlights from last year's ECW One Night Stand air, including the battle with the Anti-ECW army at the end of the PPV.

- Trevor Murdoch made his way to the ring and grabbed the mic to talk about all the new movies that came out. He named Over the Hedge, The Da Vinci Code, and (of course) See No Evil. He says he doesn't understand why the people think Kane could be a movie star since he's a monster with no talent. The crowd chants 'What?' and Trevor says that it's starting to get old. He says Tom Hanks is way better and is funny with a lot of skills. He then says he knows a better looking guy with a lot more talent that could be a movie star: Trevor Murdoch. He tells the people to think about that.

- Jerry Lawler gets on the mic and says that he has to say something about all these ECW promos tonight. He can't believe there's going to be another ECW with stars like Terry Funk, the Blandman, Sabu, and Tommy Dreamer. He says this is no dream, it's a nightmare. He can't believe we have to sit through another ECW PPV on June 11th (nice plug for something he hates so much.) He asks the people to please don't chant ECW anymore, which of course prompts many ECW chants. He tells the people that they're all drinking Paul Heyman's Kool-Aid and that all ECW was about was brainwashing. He calls it Extremely Crappy Wrestling.

- Viscera's music hits and he comes out to a faint pop.

- Todd Grisham is back out with three autographed Viscera t-shirts for those who can answer Las Vegas WWE trivia. Julie is asked when RAW Roulette debuted: 2001, 2002, or 2003? She said '01 and it was '02. Brandon is asked which star made his debut at Wrestlemania IX in Vegas: Diesel, Bob Backlund, or Tatanka? He said Tatanka and was wrong as it was Backlund. Tom is asked which star defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin in a three stages of Hell match at No Way Out: Undertaker, Triple H, or Kurt Angle? He said Angle and it was Triple H. Todd said everyone was a loser and didn't give anyone a t-shirt out of pity.