WM22 Buyrate, Heyman's OVW Status, Vince/Candice Michelle, Lots More

From the "take it for what it's worth" department, WWE still hasn't released the first estimated buyrate for WrestleMania yet, even though it's been over a month since the show. Generally, WWE releases the first estimate of a show within a month. All I have heard so far is that the show was definitely aided by the overseas buys, but I also heard from one source in the PPV industry that the early US number looked softer than anticipated.

Due to the new ECW project, Paul Heyman's days as the Ohio Valley Wrestling booker are dwindling. OVW would like the new bookers to be a combination of Al Snow, Mike Bucci (Simon Dean) and possibly Aaron Stevens. Stevens runs house shows at the moment.

WWE.com has posted Unlimited videos from last night. In one segment, Vince McMahon and Candice Michelle share an intimate moment.