Zach Craig sent this in: The WM 22 DVD is 14.99 if you also buy the new WWE Wreckless Intent CD for 10.99 (at Circuit City).

thee GIANT 7 8 6 sent this in: I bought the WrestleMania 22 DVD set from WalMart on Tuesday, and as I was watching the first disc, I noticed a few obvious edits which were made from the original PPV. In the Women’s Title match, Mickie James placed herhand on Trish Stratus’ crotch (which is shown on the DVD), but the next part where Mickie licks her hand was edited out; it goes directly to her smiling. Seconds later, the botched original finish was also edited out, as the DVD shows Mickie James “Mick-Kick” Trish for the finish. Thanks to Adam Sharrock for also sending word about this as well.

Clips from WWE Unlimited from Monday can be seen at

An article about ECW “targeting” WWE has been added giving a recap of the events that took place this past Monday on RAW. has an interview with Rob Van Dam talking about the rock band Shadows Fall recording a new theme song for the WWE Wreckless Intent CD.