WWE Fined For Blood At Backlash, ECW's Return To Philly Revealed

The boxing and wrestling inspectors from the commission for the state of Kentucky is prepared to issue eight or nine violations for the use of blood at the Backlash PPV. Prior to the event, the WWE was warned against the use of blood, but of course, simply ignored the warning. Violators of the juicing rule are subject to fines, and in extreme cases, the promoter or promotion could lose their license in the state. Participants that violate the rule are also subject to a fine. Since blood was used in a few of the matches, those that participated in the match are subject to a violation. Additionally, Ohio Valley Wrestling was recently hit with a violation for using a non-licensed wrestler. In this case, the promotion and the participant were fined separately.


The website for the former ECW Arena has confirmed that a show called "WWE Presents ECW" will be taking place at the venue on 6/24. A Pro Wrestling Unplugged event was scheduled for that night but has now been moved to 6/23. The ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA served as the home of ECW for years. The latest ECW show at the arena was held on December 23rd, 2000.