WWE Signing More Women, Diva Returns, New Talent

At the Smackdown/Velocity tapings, Paul Burchill had an unidentified "lady friend" with him when he came out for his match on Velocity. It hasn't been confirmed, but the female in question is more than likely Shelly Martinez. In Ohio Valley Wrestling, Shelly Martinez has been involved in an angle where she's obsessed with Paul Burchill. Also, she comes out in garb that a female pirate would wear. Martinez has been training in Ohio Valley Wrestling for a year.


Mikey Batts, formerly of TNA, was introduced as Mike Altiri and announced from Cincinnati at the Velocity taping last night. He faced off against Gregory Helms.

The returning Michelle McCool made an appearance at the Smackdown/Velocity tapings. She is the manager of Amish Roadkill & Casey James. However, they won't be appearing on television this week because their match was a dark match. McCool has been appearing on some Deep South Wrestling shows since September. McCool hasn't appeared on WWE television since July.

Cherry Pie (Kara Slice) was at ringside for Deuce Shade (Jimmy Snuka's adopted son) and Dice Domino (Cliff Compton) in a dark match on Raw. WWE signed her to a developmental contract last December. She was wearing roller skates at ringside. This trio's gimmick in OVW is that they dress like they're in the 1950s, and they act like they're in the 1950s.