WWE Signs Former NCAA Wrestler

Source: PWInsider.com

WWE has signed yet another amateur wrestler, Sylvester "Predator" Turkey of Zero-One. Turkey debuted already on RAW working a dark match in Tacoma, Washington.

Turkey has an interesting past intertwined with Kurt Angle as he was mentioned in Angle's book "It's True". Angle had the following to say about Turkey, "275 mountain of muscle. He has seventy-eight pins during his college career. During the tournament he pinned every opponent in an average of just over a minute. Basically, he went in, tied 'em up and pinned 'em. This guy was an animal." Angle described his win over Turkey as, "a match people in amateur wrestling still talk about; the day David beat Goliath."


It's not quite known where Turkey will end up in WWE, speculation is that he could join Angle in ECW.