WWE Smackdown! Results - May 5, 2006

(Credit: PowerWrestling.com)

WWE Smackdown! Results – 5/5/06
Cincinnati, Ohio
Report By: Daryl Vandenberg of PWInsider.com
WWE Smackdown! Opener:

Rey Mysterio s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Rey grabs the mic and says that he is loving every minute of being champion. He says that last week when Kurt Angle put him in the ankle lock he knew it was over but&..and JBL s music hits. JBL saunters out with a big grin on his face and his American flag jacket. He says, it s not over yet amigo, but at Judgment Day, he faces the new number one contender, the true American hero, JBL. He then calls Rey the epitome of a masked illegal immigrant. He says that last Sunday 1,000,000 of his people went on strike and shut down schools and businesses all across America. Eddie chant breaks out. JBL says that Eddie was a real champion, and that the fans long for the days of JBL vs. Eddie Guerrero and that nobody gives a crap about Rey. He says his people have a place in his America because American needs people like him to mow his lawn and pick up his garbage and clean his toilet. He says he loves his culture and then uses the bite/dog analogy. Rey interrupts and asks if JBL is calling his people dogs. JBL says he s not a dog, he s a Mexican. Lots of heat. He says Rey is a sympathy case and that he s going to beat him at Judgment Day and that Rey makes him sick. Rey says he ll fight anyone at anytime and that he s a fighting champion. JBL calls him on it and introduces Mark Henry. Mark Henry s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Henry gets in the ring and gets chest to face with Rey Mysterio.

Referee: Chris Kay
Gunner Scott vs. Booker T
Sharmell s music hits, she comes out and introduces, her man, Booker T. They ham it up with the KOTR throne and Booker even takes a seat. Gunner Scott s music hits and he makes his way to the ring.

The start:

They tie up and Gunner pushes Booker into the corner. Gunner breaks and Booker tells him to back off. They circle again, tie up and Booker slaps on a side headlock. Gunner punches his way out and Booker shoulders him off the ropes but Gunner drop toe holds him on the next attempt. Booker gets up and starts with the chops but Gunner starts coming back with chops of his own.

Mid-match notes:

Gunner hits the ropes and Booker picks him up and drops him on the top rope. Booker takes him down and slaps on a headlock. Gunner gets to his feet but Booker pulls him back down. Gunner again gets to his feet, elbows out, hits the ropes but Booker hits him with a knee. Booker hits the ropes looking for his finish, but Gunner spin kicks him.

The Finish:

Gunner hits two vertical suplexes and a near fall. Booker reverses an armbar and hits a high kick on Gunner. Gunner quickly rolls Booker up for a near fall. Gunner goes into the ropes but Sharmell grabs his leg and Booker grabs the ref. Gunner finally gets free and Booker hits a superkick and a scissor kick for the win.

Winner – Booker T
The Aftermath:

Booker then stands up on the announce table, grabs a mic and says that he just beat Gunner something, and that it s too bad Angle got hurt because he was going to beat him just as well. Booker says that he s in the finals of the KOTR tournament and that he ll beat Benoit or Finlay with one hand tied behind his back. He says that all of you, his subjects need to get used to bowing down to Booker T. All hail king Booker. Sharmell grabs the mic and repeats it. Booker s music hits and he poses on the announce table.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Referee: Charles Robinson
Brian Kendrick and Paul London vs. MNM (c)
Paul London & Brian Kendrick make their way to the ring for their shot at the WWE Tag Team Championships. MNM s music hits and an absolutely smoking Melina comes out without Mercury & Nitro and she basically mimics the entrance as though Mercury & Nitro are with her. Mercury & Nitro ambush them from behind and basically lay them both out. Snapshot delivered to Kendrick and then to London. No, bell, and well, no match. MNM stand and pose in the ring. Another snapshot is delivered to Kendrick. The exit the ring to their music.

Winners – No Contest

A bebirth of Tatanka vignette is shown. Sweat lodge.


Theodore Long is shown backstage with Daivari and Great Khali. Long says that Undertaker has challenged Khali to a match at Judgment Day. Khali just yells a bunch and signs the contract which is already signed by the Undertaker

King Of The Ring First Round
Referee: Jim Korderas
Finlay vs. Chris Benoit
The start:

Benoit pushes Finlay into the corner, break and then tie up again with Benoit ending up in the corner. Another break and another tie up. This time it s a test of strength tie up with Benoit getting a top wristlock on Finlay and taking Finlay down. Benoit cinches in a side headlock. Finlay rolls Benoit on his back for a pin attempt. Finlay works his way up to his feet slowly but Benoit slaps on an armbar but Finlay takes Benoit down, but Benoit outwrestles Finlay. Some solid mat wrestling here with multiple reversals.

Mid-match notes:

Finlay has Benoit on his back but Benoit punches Finlay in the face repeatedly trying to slap on an armbar but Finlay grabs the rope to break the hold. They both get up and Finlay talks trash to Benoit. They get nose to nose in the middle of the ring and Finlay short clotheslines Benoit. Finlay gets Benoit in the corner, Benoit reverses and misses with a haymaker. Benoit comes at Finlay and takes him down by the legs. Benoit grabs Finlay s left leg and begins to work it over. Finlay sells big time. Finlay gets to the ropes and the hold is broken. Benoit pounds Finlay as he gets to his feet but Finlay thumbs Benoit in the eye and throws Benoit into the corner and into the ring post. Finlay takes down Benoit and begins to work over Benoit s now injured left shoulder. Benoit fights out and Finlay leaves the ring but as Benoit comes after him, Finlay uses the ring apron to his advantage. He buries Benoit s face in it and beats it through the ring apron.

Finlay gets back in the ring and continues to work over the left arm / shoulder of Benoit. Benoit quickly battles back and almost slaps on a sharpshooter. Finlay escapes and goes ballistic on Benoit trying to keep him down. Benoit is noticeably bleeding from the top of his head. It looks like it was the hard way. Finlay continues to throw punches and elbows at Benoit wearing him down. He taunts Benoit and Benoit almost locks in a crossface out of nowhere but Finlay rolls over to the ropes and as Benoit & Finlay struggle, the ref breaks the hold. Finlay gets to his feet first and goes for a haymaker but Benoit ducks it, nails a German and starts going to town with chips. Finlay rolls out of the ring and starts going postal throwing chairs into the ring and then puts his hand on the camera lens and we re off to commercial break. Benoit is chopping Finlay in the corner. Finlay drops to his knees. Benoit drops an elbow on Finlay.

Snap suplex followed by a couple near falls for Benoit. Benoit picks up Finlay and again chops him in the corner. Finlay reverses a whip into the opposing corner and Benoit hits the corner hard. Near fall for Finlay. Finlay applies a reverse chinlock. Benoit appears to be getting choked out. The ref drops the arm once, but not twice and Benoit hulks up and pushes Finlay into the corner, but Finlay comes right out of the corner with a clothesline and reapplies the reverse chinlock. Finlay gouges at Benoit s face. Benoit hulks up again and gets to his feet and drops to his ass with a jawbreaker on Finlay. Finlay drop toe holds Benoit though and applies an odd version of a headlock.

The Finish:

Benoit again hulks up, elbows out but Finlay drills Benoit in the back of the head, but misses a spear attempt in the corner and nails his shoulder on the ring post. Benoit then hits the three Germans and goes for the air Canada but Finlay rolls out of the way. Finlay then goes to the corner and grabs his foreign object but Benoit backdrops Finlay out of the ring, but Finlay lands on his feet, the ref goes to ditch the schwhatever, and Finlay grabs a chair and hits Benoit in the head. Finlay gets in the ring and hits his finisher and gets the pin.

Winner – Finlay
The Aftermath:

Finlay makes his way up the entrance ramp and takes a seat on the throne.

In the arena:

The Cincinnati Bengals are shown in the front row.

Referee: Chris Kay
The Gymini vs. Scotty Too Hotty and Funaki
Gymini s music hits and they make their way to the ring with Simon Dean in his bright green jump suit.

The match:

I m not going to bother with details here, because what does it really matter? It s an undercard tag team squash, with two guys who s best days are behind them, and two guys who aren t likely going anywhere soon. Gymini basically takes Funaki apart, he makes a hot tag to Scotty, Scotty gets about 10 seconds of offence in before getting pinned.

Winner – The Gymini

Lashley is shown walking backstage and enters Booker T s locker room. Sharmell covers up with a towel and Booker comes out of the shower wearing a couple towels and Lashley says he seems to be forgetting him on his way to the KOTR. Booker T objects to being disrespected. Lashley just says that he s going to beat Finlay and then beat Booker T.

Number One Contender Match
Triple Threat Match
Referee: Charles Robinson
Super Crazy vs. Nunzio vs. Kid Kash
The match:

Kash goes to work on Crazy but Crazy hits a great dropkick but he s ambushed by Nunzio coming off the top rope. Nunzio gets a near fall but Kash ambushes him and gets a near fall. Nunzio gets Kash to help double team Crazy. Crazy ditches Kash & Nunzio to the outside of the ring, Crazy hits a moonsault onto Nunzio & Kash and Vito, when suddenly Great Khali s entrance music hits.

Winner – No Contest
The Aftermath:

Khali destroys them all as if it was me in the ring. Poor Nunzio gets press slammed out of the ring straight onto the mat. Kash was thrown into the crowd, with Crazy getting off easy taking a half chokeslam.

Non Title Match
Referee: Nick Patrick
Mark Henry vs. Rey Mysterio (c)
JBL s music hits and he makes his usual limo entrance and he joins Tazz & Cole for commentary. Cole greets the American hero and JBL glares at Cole.

The start:

Rey circles Henry and Henry taunts Rey while bending over, Rey kicks Henry in the face. Rey taunts Henry back and leaves the ring. Henry chases Rey. Rey heads back into the ring and Henry follows. Rey gets some punches and kicks in but Henry just pushes him off. Henry tosses Rey out of the ring. JBL gets up from the announce table but Rey gets back into the ring and as JBL turns to scan the fans, Rey hits a baseball slide from behind and nails JBL up and over the announce table.

Mid-match notes:

JBL eventually regains his announce position. Henry, meanwhile is taking Rey apart. Rey escapes from time to time to get the odd strike in, but Henry keeps man handling him. Henry works Rey over in the corner and prepares him for a splash. Rey drops down and Henry misses. Henry goes for another one in the opposite corner and again misses.

The Finish:

Rey hits a west coast pop, but as he goes for a pin, Henry rolls up, stands up with Rey in his hands, but Rey nails a DDT. Rey struggles to his feet and springboards off the ropes, dropkicking Henry in the back setting him up for the 619. Rey goes for the west coast pop but Henry catches him, hits his slam finish and gets the pin.

Winner – Mark Henry
The Aftermath:

Henry then tossed Rey out of the ring and grabs him by the pant leg and starts dragging him up the entrance ramp and slams his face into one of the Smackdown mirrors. Mark Henry goes up for a monster splash but before he comes down on Rey, JBL runs up and stops him. He pleads with Henry not to finish him off. JBL promises Henry the first title defense against him. Henry agrees and steps down. JBL gets in Rey s face as Rey is down and out and says that next week it s Rey vs. the Great Khali. He picks Rey up and slaps him in the face and Rey falls back down.