WWE Unlimited Report - Vince/Candice

Credit: PWInsider.com

After the National Anthem, Lillian introduces the King, who greets the crowd while walking down to the table. Then, J.R. is introduced as Lillian says, "Welcome Back the Voice of RAW, good ol' JR, Jim Ross!" The crowd pops for J.R. and King smiles and claps as Ross salutes the fans while coming to the table.

- RVD jumps off the top rope after posing. Charlie Haas, who has new music (which sounds like it might be off the Wreckless Intent CD,) and a new titantron, comes out to the ring. Chris Masters is next and he does his standard poses. The screen goes black before Benjamin's intro.

- Haas begins to climb back in the ring and starts pounding on RVD's back while Benjamin and Masters stay on the outside. RVD is whipped into the corner and hits a reverse elbow on Haas, who fires back with a belly-to-belly suplex. Masters breaks a pin attempt by Haas and stomps him with hard kicks. Benjamin hits a hard slam on RVD on the outside and then breaks the pin attempt by Masters. Benjamin tosses Haas out of the ring as RVD chants fill the arena. Benjamin chops Masters, who fires back until RVD runs in with shots to his head. An Irish whip and a scoop slam later and Benjamin breaks RVD's pin attempt and hits Masters, who reverses into kicks in the corner and a choke for the four count. He hits an underarm suplex and RVD breaks the pin at two. RVD tosses Benjamin out and shoulder blocks Masters into the corner, including his signature flip back and running block. He gets a two count with a rollup as Masters hits a clothesline and a hard shot. Benjamin is back in and Masters tosses RVD aside to confront him and is met with a stiff shot as we go back live.

- Vince is backstage watching the television and says, "Damn RVD. I can't believe he's still the Intercontinental Champion." The camera moves over to reveal Candace on his knee, stroking him as Vince says he's a little distracted but has a crazy idea for RVD next week. Candace says she has a crazy idea for them and Vince asks how her chest cold and 'labiagitis' is. She says she needs a bit more of that healing of his and Vince says he has a problem of his own that he needs her help with. Apparently he has something new called 'shaftivitis' and Candace says that perhaps two problems can make a right. They both repeat how much they really like it and finally start making out hard on the couch. Candace moans and laughs as Vince mauls her.

- Matt Striker is in front of his chalkboard and introduces the word of the day, Audacity: to be bold or daring. He uses it in the sentence: You West Coast Liberals have the audacity to think that the world revolves around you. He goes on about California's love of luxery and tells them to try reading and staying at home with the kids instead of procuring the hippest clothes and cars. He says they are just like Carlito: all style with no substance. He says Carlito's blatant abuse of produce and his self-serving attitude make him and the fans in Anaheim both uncool. He says the crowd will learn that being smart is cool and that's one to grow on from Matt Striker, your teacher.

- Todd Grisham is out to host Sign of the Night. The signs included: Deport Carlito, Hardcore Maniac, I Tag Team With God Too!, See No Evil, Ready? OK!, Viva La Raza, You Can't See Me, CENA, Cena SUX, Batista is Superman, Beware of Kane!, D-Generation X, a John Cena sign with nice artwork, and Mickie Stop Calling My Sister!

- Trish is with Maria, who is getting worried. Trish tries to calm her by saying that Maria got in Mickie's head last week when she pinned her in the tag match. Maria brings up Mickie's attack on her during the Kiss Cam and Trish says Mickie is a psycho and that's why she attacked her. Trish says she'll have Maria's back tonight and says "Let's do it." Maria says it back and continues repeating it. Trish then realizes that Maria is saying it because it's on her shirt and the two walk off with Maria still saying it.

- Goldust (who is wearing a robe) and Snitsky host the Kiss Cam in place of Maria. Most of the couples really get into it. Two guys with three replica belts each finally decide to kiss. One guy dressed in Hogan gear grabs his girl and bounces her on his waist. Two older men are shown and they wave. Goldust and Snitsky gave some interesting commentary and then the camera cuts to them. Snitsky says he guesses the Kiss Cam is over and Goldust objects. The camera cuts to the heart camera filled with pink and it's hard to tell if they kissed or were going to or what.

- Todd is back out with autographed Carlito t-shirts for those who can answer trivia about Anaheim. Jason gets booed for having a Los Angeles jersey. He is asked who won their first WWE singles championship in Anaheim: Rey Mysterio, John Cena, or Tajiri? He says Mysterio and gets it right. Trisha is asked what historic moment that Anaheim was host to: The first SmackDown!, J.R.'s broadcast debut, or the longest Wrestlemania match? She said the longest WM match and gets it right. Kevin from Algora is asked who won the 1999 Royal Rumble: Mr. McMahon, The Rock, or Steve Austin? He needed help and said the Rock, which was incorrect as McMahon won it. Todd gave him the shirt anyway, saying that the Anaheim educational system needs some work.

- There was no Unlimited segment between the Kane/Big Show match and the start of the main event.

- Cena brings one member of the Spirit Squad back in (Johnny, I think) and hits a shot to the head and throws him into HBK's awaiting feet. HBK tags in and does the ten punches in the corner. He gets a whip reversed and hits a kick and an armbar to loud 'HBK' chants. He keeps the armbar locked in the middle of the ring as we go back live.