Thanks to Carlos Rivera for this: I was checking my guide on my DirecTV TiVo and it has the ECW special listed as “WWE VS. ECW: Head To Head.” Here’s the description of the program: “The stars of WWE and ECW compete all night to see who the wrestling superstars are.” It’s the same time length as WWE Raw, 2 hours and 5 minutes. It also states that it’ll be live.

It looks like Chris Masters has been pulled off the road effective immediately due to a supposed violation of the WWE Drug Policy. For what it’s worth, Chris Masters was advertised to wrestle Carlito at last night’s Raw brand house show in Kennewick, Washington, however, he didn’t appear on the card. Instead, Carlito wrestled Shelton Benjamin and Rob Van Dam in a three way IC match. Also, Masters is – or was – scheduled to wrestle Carlito at today’s Raw brand house show in Kennewick, WA.

Harry Smith made his WWE debut at last night’s Raw brand house show. He defeated Rob Conway with a rollup.

Before his release, there was some talk of moving Orlando Jordan to the new ECW brand.