WWE.com Web Traffic Hits, DX/Vengeance Preview Changed, More

Joey Styles' profile has been placed on ECW.com. However, there is no link to the profile on the site's main page.

WWE.com attracts approximately 500,000 unique visitors to its site every single day. That equals to approximately 15.5 million visitors over a 31-day month. Traffic has doubled in comparison to the prior year.


The official Viewer's Choice website has changed the description of the upcoming Raw brand pay-per-view WWE Vengeance. In a bit of a spoiler, the original description noted that DX was being resurrected. WWE must have made a pretty quick contact to have this changed after seeing our report! Here is what the description reads now... Don't miss a minute of the live action as RAW presents WWE's Vengeance, Sunday, June 25th at 8pm ET/5pm PT, live and only on Pay-Per-View. A World Wrestling Entertainment Production. Go to wwe.com for more details. See It All On Viewers Choice!