XCW: Jazz, Fan Lumberjack Strap Match, Signings & More

XCWs brutal Intense Pressure Pay-Per-View event sponsored by Rockstar and BMI Eyewear is currently running nationwide on Pay-Per-View and Video onDemand all month, with Stars like Jazz, Redd Dawg & many others. XCW has also signed a national contract for a monthly Pay-Per-View and Video onDemand event, coverage will be aired nationwide such as New York, Los Angeles and many more, for more information visit TVN.com.

Hugh Rogue will be taking on Dave The Rave in the 7 Stages Of Violence Match tonight, with the 5th Stage of the 7 Stages of Violence being a Fan Lumberjack Strap Match! The 5th Stage of Violence will be the Fans as the Lumber Jacks and will be armed with Leather Straps! The TNT Champion will be putting his Championship belt on the line against the Tru-Life Playaz own Greg Symonds. Will Al Jackson be able to survive the storm with the Tru-Life Playaz at ringside?

The return of Jacob Ladder is also set to be tonight and also Jack Drastic is said to be appearing, so tonight's show will for definite be shaken up! All this and much more extreme violent aggressive action every week!

XCW are planning on releasing a list of cable networks where you can catch XCWs in your face classic wrestling events. Meanwhile check local listings for XCW events. Several big names are also scheduled, so be sure not to miss out on this highly rated extreme pro wrestling event! Check local cable announcements and major wrestling signing for next week.