Afternoon Update: Henry, WWE Backstage Ego's, Miz, & More

There is a new "Agent Confidential" article up this week with Ricky Steamboat. In the article, Steamboat talks about how today's television production for wrestling is quite different than the quality in his era.


In an article on, Mike "The Miz" Mizanin talks about his new role as the host of Smackdown. You could say that he's the "Ryan Seacrest" of Smackdown now.

In an article on, Mark Henry says that his attack on Chris Benoit last week was two years in the making. "Taking Chris (Benoit) out was personal," said Henry. "Two years ago I was on a road that I thought would have prepared me for where I am today, and Chris Benoit took that from me. He stopped me right before WrestleMania. I had to have serious and almost career-ending surgery on my shoulder, and I had a couple of calls from people, but Chris Benoit was not one of them. Now, he will sit at home for a little while and get to see what it is like to be able to watch the show and not be a part of it."


According to reports, there are many within WWE that felt all members of the former MNM tag team (Johnny Nitro, Joey Mercury & Melina) had some maturity issues that needed to be dealt with as a result of their big push in the tag division on the SmackDown brand very early in their WWE careers due to SmackDown's lack of tag teams. The hope internally by those in WWE is that by breaking up the tag team and switching Nitro and Melina over to RAW is that they will grow more as performers, but understand they have a long way to go. In speaking of this topic, there are many older WWE agents that feel younger wrestlers are getting pushed too hard and too fast, which in turn causes issues backstage. The general feeling is that with younger wrestlers such as Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton getting pushed very quickly after being brought up to the main roster, others such as MNM and Kenny Doane of The Spirit Squad are starting to follow in their footsteps. While agents and management do feel these younger wrestlers need to work on maturity and understand they are not as "big time" as they might think they are, they also understand they create this in younger wrestlers by bringing them up the main rosters very quickly due to a lack of depth on each brand. So, in the end, many within WWE say they have really no one else to blame but themselves in this case.