Another Backstage ECW Note, Benoit, Candice, Kane, & More

- From Adam Lebow: Was just watching the CNN ticker and I found it odd that WWE got its own little blurb on the ticker, in the business section, where it says World Wrestling (sans entertainment in the name) is expected to announce earnings this week. Just found it odd that would be on the ticker.


- Chris Benoit is scheduled for the Ohio Valley Wrestling event at Six Flags in Louisville, KY on Friday. It's your chance to meet the "Canadian Crippler."

- Candice Michelle and Rob Van Dam will be signing copies of the Wreckless Intent CD's and the Wrestlemania 22 DVD's at the Best Buy in West Hartford, CT on Friday. For information, call 860-521-5400.

- After 24 days on the silver screen, Kane's "See No Evil" has now pulled in $13,951,000.

- is reporting that Lance Storm is not expected to appear on the show tonight. []