Another WWE Release, New SmackDown! Lead Writer, & More

Paul Heyman recently spoke with Sports Illustrated's Arash Markazi, he described WWE reopening ECW as similar to Disney's relationship with the old Miramax company run by the Weinstein Brothers. Paul Heyman this to say: "Pulp Fiction was far from a Disney movie," Heyman said. "Mickey Mouse did not fit into Pulp Fiction; however, Disney made a very healthy profit on an alternative movie studio. That's what this is. The idea is to be like an alternative, independent movie studio, yet the financial benefits and infrastructure will come from the huge conglomerate WWE."

As well as the release of Goldust, WWE have released Mikey Batts.Batts had been working in Ohio Valley Wrestling of late. There has been no reason given why he has been released from the company.

The SmackDown lead writer David Lagana has been replaced by Alex Greenfield. David Lagana will be moving to the ECW brand being a writer there. Alex Greenfield is the new SmackDown lead writer.