Backstage Heat In TNA, Nash's Backstage Attitude, Lots More

Kevin Nash has not shown any signs of his infamous backstage political streak according to Nash, who has complete creative control over his storyline with the X-Division, is not causing any problems backstage, which one source attributes to the lack of fellow Clique members. He d be up to his old sh if he had his Clique buddies around and if he were fighting with other top guys for a top spot, the wrestler said. Nonetheless, both Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner have been abusing backstage rules to an extent. Both have shown up late to tapings on multiple occasions, despite emphasis on timeliness from Dixie Carter.

Low-Ki/Senshi is already reminding wrestlers of why he has a poor lockerroom reputation. One source, who called him one of the biggest marks in the world, said that he is very tough to deal with backstage.

TNA management is very high on Christy Hemme s charisma and line delivery, although it does acknowledge that she s not too knowledgeable when it comes to the wrestling industry.

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