Last night, WWECW returned to the former ECW arena. At the beginning of the show, they played a pre-paid message regarding WWE’s proprietary rights. When the fans saw this, they chanted “F*** you, Vince.” WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts was booed out of the building when he came out. The show also had mats around ringside, something that the old ECW never had.

When Paul Heyman came out to do a promo, fans made it clear that they don’t like the new WWE version of ECW and chanted “This show sucks.” Heyman noted that thy had to make compromises but the bottom line is that ECW was back and they would beat the compromises in the end. He also admitted the Sandman’s theme song sucks. The fans had a mixed reaction for Paul Heyman.

After the Big Show defeated Tommy Dreamer, fans gave Big Show a “don’t come back” chant.

The main event of the night was Kurt Angle vs. WWECW Champion Rob Van Dam with Dean Malenko as the special guest referee. Kurt Angle didn’t get a big pop, however, the two worked hard. Rob Van Dam won the match with a Five Star Frog Splash.