Backstage Reaction On ECW, The Zombie, Vince McMahon


ECW s website features an article with Joey Styles, it is apparently a weekly feature on the ECW website now. Styles will be doing the Most Extreme Player of the Week". He names "The Zombie" the Most Extreme Player of the Week.


There are still no biographies for Justin Credible, Danny Doring, Trinity, Kelly, Roadkill or Big Guido on the site.

A number of people in WWE have realized that the first show was a disappointment, despite the excellent rating. They have realized that rating wasn't drawn off of the show however more to that people wanted to see the debut of the third brand.

Sources close to the ECW situation have said that even Vince McMahon realized the show stunk, however he didn't really sell it to anyone. A lot of pressure is on WWE now to make the second show better. The word is that they will have the audience again who will be giving it a second chance before tuning out for good.