Backstage TNA Locker-Room News, Brother Runt, & More

According to new reports, the mood in the TNA locker room is said to be very positive right now as wrestlers sense stability with the company, something that wasn't the case a year ago when a constant concern about TNA's future was always on the minds of many on the roster. Veterans of TNA such as AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels are said to be pleased with their pushes lately in the company, while others are happy that wrestlers with a bad reputation are no longer around.


USA Today ran the following story last week in regards to the Reality TV Convention in Nashville, TN: "Jonny "Fairplay" Dalton, notorious for lying about his grandmother's death on Survivor: Pearl Islands, was rarely without a beer in his hand. As for what he has been doing lately, he said: "I signed a $150,000 contract with TNA Wrestling for a year. I ended up doing eight appearances for 40 minutes. Then I signed a second contract and they didn't use me, so I'd like to thank (them) for $300,000 for 40 minutes' worth of work." It should be noted that Fairplay has expressed interest in working for the new ECW brand.

Apple's website is currently featuring episodes of TNA iMPACT! for $1.99 + tax for the new video iPOD through the iTunes service in the section for Spike TV. It should be noted that USA is represented on iTunes, but contains no WWE programming.


Matt "Spike Dudley" Hyson, aka Brother Runt of Team 3D, is currently in the process of setting up a wrestling school. We hope to have more details about this soon once information is issued.

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