Batista Turning Heel?, Why Diva Search Is Back, & More

PWInsider is reporting that part of the reason the Diva Search competition contest is back due to it being a rating draw for RAW, which is why it has been expanded to SmackDown! this summer as well. WWE is always looking for new girls to fill the bill, so the Diva Search has evolved into their way of finding someone they feel connects with the audience.


Last night at a SmackDown! house show, the main event featured Mark Henry and Finlay taking on the team of World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio and the returning Dave Batista. Rey Mysterio would hit the frog splash to win the match, but after the match, Batista was carrying around the title and acted like he wasn't going to give it back to Mysterio. Batista held the belt out to the ref and when the ref tried to grab it he jerked it away. Batista faced the crowd and held the belt up and the crowd cheered. Mysterio and Batista got face to face and Batista finally gave Mysterio a hug and gave him his belt back. Seemed kind of like a way to see what reaction the crowd would give to Batista turning heel to me. Could they be considering turning him heel to face Mysterio? (Thanks to Dakstang).