WWE’s latest film, See No Evil, which they seem to have stopped promoting, only took an estimated $65,000 in the box office this past weekend. The movie is currently in only 152 theatres. The budget for the movie was around $8 million, and the estimated total of the film thus far has been about $14,926,000. We will post the actual numbers as they come out.

In an interview with Silvervision, the WWE’s European DVD distributor, Randy Orton discussed his short WWE World title reign and immediate babyface turn from several years back,which many have felt killed the momentum he had at the time. When discussing the topic, Orton noted, “If I’d represented the company well, as far as being the champion, and been real good at it, it would have been longer. It was one of those things where I was a transitional champ, Triple H beat me for it the next month. They also turned me babyface at the drop of a hat – actually it was the day after I won the World Heavyweight Championship that I became a babyface. That was a really hard way to get going and to stay over. As a heel I was just starting to get some fire and people were starting to respond to me. To turn me babyface, from being a d*ckhead to being a’ “yeah yeah, come on” – they didn’t buy it, it wasn’t really something the fans went with. It was kind of my fault – it was my fault and it was the writers’ fault. It didn’t bother me – I still had that title that I was a one time World Champion and the youngest ever.” Orton also teased he wanted to wrestle Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 23.

WWE.com has posted an article online with quotes from Rob Van Dam explaining why he is giving John Cena a title match on Raw tonight, without the “Extreme Rules” that Van Dam prefers on ECW events. Basically, RVD wants to prove his win at One Night Stand wasn’t a fluke.

The USA Network has started running a new cross-promotion commercial. It starts with Johnny Smith (Anthony Michael Hall’s character from “The Dead Zone” who can see the future if he touches you or one of your things) walking at poolside. In the foreground, we see Triple H sleeping in the sun. Johnny sees Trips sunglasses on the ground and picks them up, causing one of his psychic visions. He sees Triple H on the ring apron doing his entrance. Behind him in the ring is John Cena. Cena walks up and smacks Trips on the back. Cena laughs as they cut to a shot of his handprint in Triple H’s sunburned back. At poolside, Johnny hands Hunter a bottle of sunscreen and says “Dude, trust me.” He walks off as Triple H asks if he can put some lotion on his back. (Thanks to Mike Brown)

ESPN’s Bill Simmons has listed his “YouTube Hall Of Fame” — his favorite clips from the YouTube video site. A few of them are wrestling videos, including Piper-Snuka and the “Fuji Vice” segment from the Tuesday Night Titans show. (Thanks to Curt King)

The Vengeance replay was edited in the UK. They edited out the part where Vince McMahon pushes a kid in the wheelchair, sending him crashing and the penis pump segment is also removed. All that was seen after that was Vince coming out the washroom sporting a green face.