There is still no official word on the status of Wrestle Society X. MTV was expected to make a decision this week, but then again, that’s what has been said for four straight weeks now. It is believed that MTV has approved of doing a first season, but their parent company Viacom, has yet to sign off on it.

If Viacom gives this project the OK, then some more TV tapings will be announced to take place, perhaps as early as July. For individuals interested in attending these television tapings, there is one requirement. You have to be young and you have to look good for television, as MTV officials doesn’t want “ugly” people attending this thing – they only want “pretty” people. People that attended the inaugural TV tapings back in February were required to send in a headshot. Also, MTV paid some models to stand in the crowd during the tapings.

The owner of, RD Reynolds, has set up a fund for the family of John “Earthquake” Tenta. You can donate money via Paypal. Go to for more on that.

Dawn Marie made her first appearance in a wrestling ring in several months at an NWS show in New Jersey last Saturday. She managed Johnny Candito in a match. Dawn Marie was said to have looked really good and she’s lost nearly all the weight she gained during pregnancy.