From Just 24 hours after losing the WWE Championship in controversial fashion at ECW One Night Stand, John Cena looks to exact revenge from one of the men that cost him the gold Edge. Back on his home turf, will Cena be able to make the Rated-R Superstar pay for spearing him through a table at One Night Stand? Or will Edge continue to get the best of the former WWE Champion? Watch RAW Monday night on USA to find out. has posted videos of Rey Mysterio and Terry Funk. It appears as if Rey has a stinger in his neck.

They also have the Funk videos during the match at The Terry Funk videos which they have placed on, while they say are graphic, are VERY graphic videos including Terry Funk getting needles, stitches and so forth after the match. Just a second disclaimer that has to be posted because it is not pretty at all, although Funk is funny as he thanks the doctor and so forth during the surgery.

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The following is from The Blue Meanie’s MySpace blog: OH!….and Yea…… Yea I heard JBL talked about me tonight. Oh well! Thanks for keeping my name out there John! lol And for all of you who STILL ask me if I am going to ECW after I have posted plenty of blogs that I have NOT been contacted……I still haven’t been contacted. I appreciate everyone wanting to see me in ECW. If you REALLY want to see me there, there one thing you can do…………………..WRITE to them. In a nice and orderly fashion write to them and tell them how you would like to see me there. If as many people asked them that asked me then they should get the message clearly. lol I love you all!! Meanie