Brent Strickland sent in the following news: The advertised Cena-Edge street fight did not happen. After Raw went off the air, Van Dam walked around giving the fans high fives, and that was it. And just one note, I dont know if it was the Crown Coliseum personnel or the WWE, but they were real strict about signs. They went on a manhunt for a guy who had a sign that said “Edge is Gay”. Overall it was an ok show. I havent been to a Raw in a few years and I was real surprised at all the down time there was during the show due to all the commercials. A lot of people in my section were complaining about that.

WWE RAW was featured in this weeks issue of “Entertainment Weekly” as the top-rated cable show from the week of June 5-11, 2006 (The magazine is usually 2 weeks behind). There is a picture of Kane chokeslamming somebody and next to it, it reads “Scantily clad men rolling around with each other dominates the cable ratings charts. And, yes, we are talking about wrestling.”

Media Week ran a story about the new WWE Magazine, which comes out today at newsstands. The idea is to make it a celebrity magazine, like FHM or Maxim. They are trying to sell advertising in the new magazine and have hired a 12 person sales staff. There are nothing but direct response ads in the first two issues.

All of the Sandman beer drinking was edited off all the ECW shows in the United Kingdom.