Chat With Brother D-Von, Super Crazy, ECW's Macho Libre

Team 3Ds Brother D-Von will be performing a live web chat next Thursday, June 29th at 8pm EST on his official website More details are available at his forum on his website.

I was surfing through a few minutes ago and I noticed that Super Crazy's bio page has been removed from the SmackDown roster. (Thanks to David) UPDATE: Since David sent this e-mail it looks like that WWE have re-added Super Crazys bio as I just went there to double check and found him listed on the SmackDown superstars page.

There's a political cartoon from MSNBC featuring G.W. Bush and an elephant dressed as Macho Libre from ECW last night! And the title of the cartoon is "Macho Libre"! Heres a link to the pic: (Thanks to Will P)

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