WWE s website is stating that DX is banned from this week’s edition RAW on Monday by Vince McMahon (like that will happen).

As reported yesterday, Kurt Angle is currently scheduled to take a hiatus from WWE very soon as he was overheard telling many wrestlers at recent TV and PPV tapings this past week that he would be doing so. Although it was initially believed to be related to nagging injuries for his time off, others have said that Angle wants to deal with some personal issues as well. So, the only thing known right now is that it is a mixture of both for his reason to take time off. This is certainly a big blow to the ECW brand as Angle has been its main focus for the last three weeks.

A Smackdown brand house show that was set to take place in Mankato, MN on 7/10 has been cancelled. The show was likely cancelled due to a lack of ticket sales.