Showing the power of Degeneration X, The June 19 edition of WWE Monday Night RAW, the show before Vengeance, gained 1,014,000 viewers during the last quarter where DX brought out the mini-Spirt Squad members, the female cheerleaders did their chant and Spirit Squad also made an appearance. The first hour took a 4.05 while the second hour took a 4.52 rating.

Fans are really getting into ECW as the SmackDown! June 16th episode as well as the ECW show that week (June 13) both took in about 3.3 million viewers, even though ECW is on Sci-Fi and reaches 85 million homes where UPN reaches 99 million homes.

A new “Cole Report” is up on WWE’s website. In it, he has a “scoop” on both championship matches tonight on SmackDown!.