D-X Invades, Heyman/Dreamer, ECW's Return, & More

At least for Comcast users in Chicago, it will cost an additional $10 a month to watch ECW on Sci-Fi depending on what package you have. I have the basic 60 channel package, but when I looked for Sci-Fi I did not see it. I had to upgrade to the Digital classic package for an extra $10 just to get Sci-Fi and see ECW. (Thanks to Michael Wills)

I was watching RAW this past Monday in North Carolina and they're advertising a match between John Cena and Edge for the WWE Championship in a street fight on June 26th. Just figured you'd like to know since this may determine the result of RVD vs. Edge at Vengeance. (Thanks to DaRkGuY57)

I just checked the TV schedule for Sky Sports looking for ECW's return show and it's scheduled for Sunday 10pm on Sky Sports 3. The write up is as follows ECW makes its long awaited return, with Paul Heyman back at the helm. Rob Van Dam is back where he made his name, while Kurt Angle is a surprise addition to the roster. The show runs from 10-11. (Thanks to Dean Mason)

Paul Heyman and Tommy Dreamer were on the Jv and Elvis show on 92.3 in NY. It is a good lengthy 25 minute interview and is available to download at the following link: https://923freefm.com/pages/31915.php Click on Heyman and Dreamer. (Thanks to Bryan)

I was under the live events section at wwe.com and all of the sudden, I start hearing DX music and on the section, you see the DX symbol being sprayed green on it. It was strange. (Thanks to Pat Lucey)