WWE’s website has confirmed that Kurt Angle has accepted Randy Orton’s challenge at the Vengeance Press Conference when Grisham announced that Angle had accepted the challenge and the match was on.

The WWE website has also added a D-Generation X superstars page. The page features D-X history, members, interviews, greatest moments and more. Axl Rotten’s name is featured in the superstars links on that page. WWE must have forgotten to rename the pages when they were using Axl’s page as a template. (Example: https://www.wwe.com/superstars/dgenerationx/dxmembers/axlrotten5).

Andre The Giant’s A & E Biography airs on A & E tonight at 8 p.m.

The wrestler formally known as Booker T is now officially going under the name King Booker. His profile page on WWE.com now refers to him as Booker T as well.
Another possible name change may be in the works for Michelle McCool. When she made her entrance on Smackdown last week, the Titantron video referred to her as Ms. McCool. The likely name change would go along better with her new teacher gimmick. Although, her entrance graphic referred to her as Michelle McCool.

Victoria wrestled yet another indy women’s wrestler on HEAT in the form of Mercedes Martinez last night prior to RAW. Martinez is well known on the east coast. Reports say that Martinez got a good amount of offense in on Victoria and that she did a good job. Other indy women Victoria has wrestled on HEAT in the past include Cheerleader Melissa and Talia.