Diamonds In The Rough Done With TNA, Lots Of Backstage TNA News

The services of The Diamonds In The Rough will no longer be required – at least through the summer. TNA officials told Simon Diamond, Elix Skipper and David Young at last week's Impact tapings that they probably won't be used again until at least the fall. The trio is generally liked because they never cause problems and work hard even without a push. There are some hard feelings about it on both sides.


The theme of the vignettes The Naturals taped at a local high school gym last week are boot camp style vignettes. With Shane Douglas as their manager, they will be getting a new look, new haircuts, and be pushed as heels. They may be working with Styles and Daniels at some point.

Terry Taylor has been pressuring several wrestlers to sign a new contract with TNA. Ron Killings recently signed a new deal.

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