Did ECW Stars Follow The Dress Code?, Loads Of Backstage ECW News

Wednesday's WWE vs. ECW special was run like your typical WWE television event. There were no noticable differences in regards to the production crew or how things were operated backstage.

Vince McMahon and Johnny Ace gave the ECW wrestlers a pep talk after Wednesday's show. McMahon said that he really liked their energy level. Also, McMahon was on headsets the entire night. He encouraged the banter among the four announcers.

At first, Jim Ross was supposed to play it straight, not be an advocate of either ECW or WWE. On Raw, they made him an ECW fan and he wasn't supposed to join Jerry Lawler in the ECW bashing. Styles was told to step back and let Lawler and Tazz argue over each other's brand. However, Styles got wrapped up in the moment, and with Vince's encouragement, he argued alongside Tazz. J.R.'s hat getting knocked off wasn't scripted. Ross was concerned that there was too much arguing and not enough focuse on the storylines and matches. Nonetheless, McMahon was said to be pleased with how the announcing went.

The Sandman and Balls Mahoney adhered to the WWE dress code. The Sandman was said to have looked dapper.

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