Early Backstage News & Notes From The ECW/SD! TV Taping

**The following are early news and notes from the live site of tonight's ECW on Sci-Fi and SmackDown! television taping in Albany, New York. All news called in courtesy of our own Ryan Clark.**

At about 11:30PM ET. a limo pulled up and out came both Dusty Rhodes and ECW's Paul Heyman. The two traveled to the building together.


Shortly thereafter, the WWE creative writing team came together in a car.

Road agents Ricky Steamboat and Arn Anderson arrived together as well in a rental car.

SmackDown! star and agent David "Fit" Finlay came to the building with someone unrecognizable.

Sgt. Slaughter arrived by himself.

ECW's Stevie Richards came to the building alone.

Vince McMahon and Senior Vice President of Talent Relations John Laurinitis arrived late by their standards, coming to the building together in a limo.

SmackDown! star Teddy Long arrived by himself in a rental car.

Mark Henry came to the building in his own limosine.

**Make sure to stick with us throughout the day for continued backstage coverage from the ECW/SD! tapings in Albany, New York!**