ECW's Debut, WWE Divas Special Set To Air, RAW, Lots More

As we reported on earlier this week, the general feeling among many within WWE was that ECW's debut on Sci Fi this past Tuesday was a bomb despite the strong rating. However, many have categorized the rating as being strong due to a curiosity factor surrounding the show and fans wanting to see the new ECW brand on TV. PWI added that even Vince McMahon himself realized the show wasn't good, but that he didn't make that clear to many backstage. There is said to be a lot of pressure internally to make this week's show much better. The opinion right now is that fans will more than likely return on Tuesday night to give the show a second chance. So if they don't deliver and produce a show like they did last week, this "experiment" could be ending faster than expected

The ECW house show in Tyler, Texas has been moved from July 15th to September 23rd.

The USA Network is airing a 1-hour TV special called "WWE: The Divas" on Tuesday, August 15th at 9 PM.

The USA Network will air WWE Raw at 11 PM on Monday, August 28th due to the US Open.