ECW On SCI-FI Results (6/13): Heyman, Sandman, Dreamer, Sabu!

Event: ECW on SCI-FI Results
Airdate: Tuesday, June 13th, 2006
Location: The Sovereign Bank Arena in Trenton, NJ
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ECW On Sci-Fi Opener:

The show opened with clips from Sunday’s One Night Stand PPV, including Rob Van Dam winning the WWE Title. They followed with clips from Raw, talking about how the title decision stands and how John Cena will be at the show tonight.

In the arena:

The show opened with Paul Heyman coming to the ring as “a representative of ECW”, whatever that is. It should be noted that Justin Roberts was the ring announcer, not Steven DeAngelis. Joey Styles and Tazz were at ringside to call the action. Heyman then said it was his privilege to introduce Rob Van Dam, who came to the ring with the WWE Title. RVD thanked Paul Heyman, then the fans. He said that we all saw him beat John Cena at ONS and win the WWE Title. He said, “Say hello to your new champion, Rob Van Dam”. He told Heyman that John Cena said he was going to show up tonight. Rob said that he hopes Cena does the right thing and helps him celebrate being the new champion. Heyman said that it was his honor to present RVD with something that he knew someday he would hold, the new ECW World Heavyweight Title (the shoot of that is that the plan back in ECW was for RVD to win the title when the time was right, it just never happened). RVD said that he could not think of a greater honor for his career. He said he would accept it and cherish it, and also keep the WWE Title. He said, “I can pull it off”. Some fans chanted “throw it back”. He said he would wear the ECW Title proudly and then pointed to the WWE Title and said, “Look at this, it spins!” Edge’s music hit and he came to the ring with Lita. Heyman gave him a grand introduction. Edge shook hands with Heyman and thanked him for inviting he and Lita to the show. He told RVD that no matter what he thinks of ECW, he respects him. He said that they had a lot in common. They both won money in the bank. They both broke the glass ceiling. And it will be an honor to face him at Vengeance. They shook hands and as Edge was turning to leave, he came back and speared and unsuspecting RVD instead. Tazz and Joey Styles were outraged. Edge left though the crowd and as he was looking back at the ring, John Cena came up behind him. Edge finally turned around and Cena pounded Edge and threw him back around ringside. RVD and Cena took uncomfortable turns beating on Edge until they had enough and hit each other. Edge ran away with Lita while Cena laid out Paul Heyman and left. Then, the ECW locker room emptied. The whole angle had a real WWE feel to it.


In the back, Paul Heyman was with the locker room, irate at Edge and John Cena ruining their celebration. Heyman said that if Monday Night Raw wants to bring themselves to ECW, they will do the same thing next Monday at Raw. So, expect an invasion on Monday’s show.

Referee: Mike Posey
The Sandman vs. The Zombie

A zombie, appropriately named “The Zombie”, walked out to the ring. Tazz asked if this was “a rib”. Zombie got the mic and growled into it. Tazz and Styles called it ridiculous and laughable. Sandman’s new music played, which no one knew, and he came out in the crowd, drinking a beer. He made his way to the ring and the bell rang. He pounded Zombie with his cane and beat him in less than a minute. There is your first match of the new ECW. Tazz said he thought we have seen the last of the Zombie. We can only hope. Then, we saw Zombie again as Sandman pounded him to the back with his cane.

Winner – The Sandman


We then saw “Kelly” (OVW’s Barbie Blank), a hot blonde who said she was an exhibitionalist and would take off all her clothes tonight. She’s hot, so I will watch.

Referee: John Finnegan
Kurt Angle vs. Justin Credible

Kurt Angle then came to the ring. His opponent was Justin Credible, who came out to generic loud music. Angle threw Credible around like the guy was working for the MTV group before he came back to ECW. Oh wait, he was. Seriously, Angle pounded the snot out of Justin, doing the “wrestling machine” character that we reported WWE had planned for him to help save his body. Kurt choked Credible out to win the match in a couple of minutes. The announcers talked about how Angle can choke guys out in ECW, he can’t at Vengeance. Angle said that he would make Orton tap out at Vengeance. He’s the new face of ECW.

Winner – Kurt Angle


Paul Heyman was shown on camera. He said that if people wanted Extreme, they would find out what it is. Everything he had planned for the show is now out the window (given what we saw in the first thirty minutes, I support that decision). He is going to take 10 of ECW’s best and put on an Extreme Battle Royal. All weapons are legal. The winner faces John Cena at Vengeance and will join the ECW group when they show up at Raw on Monday and face the WWE wrestlers. I am guessing at least some of the guys that don’t win will do so as well.


Kelly said that next she would show all of her assets. To say she’s stupidly hot would be an understatement.

Outside the arena:

We saw a vampire outside of the building.

In the arena:

Kelly the hot new ho came out to strip for us. She’s smoking, no doubt. She went up to the stage and danced a little like stripper. She pulled of her skirt, stripping down to her skivvies. She took off her top, leaving her in her bra. She went to take off her bra and couldn’t get it unsnapped. I swear, she couldn’t. Maybe it was her first time wearing one. So, she pulled the straps down and lifted it up over her cans, which she covered with her hands which was super hot. Tazz said he likes the new ECW and think it will be better than the old one. Yeah right, not at this pace.

Extreme Battle Royal

ow it’s time for our main event, the Extreme Battle Royal. Tommy Dreamer came out first, followed by Sabu. We came back from commercial and Roadkill and Danny Doring were in the ring as Al Snow was walking out to it. Then, Stevie Richards came out, followed by Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke, with Big Guido and the former Trinity of TNA. Next was Balls Mahoney and Big Show. The match was on for a minute when they went to another commercial. When we came back, no one had been eliminated. There was a lot of plunder and weapons. Tazz and Styles said that they were different than Raw and Smackdown and that’s what makes ECW better. The story of the match was that everyone went after Big Show since he’s huge. Show eliminated Snow and Doring quickly. He then threw out Stevie, Roadkill and Balls. Dreamer attacked Big Show briefly and then stopped. Sabu launched himself on Show and was tossed off, but didn’t hit the floor. Dreamer wasn’t so lucky as Show press slammed him out of the ring through a ringside table. Show threw out Mamaluke and Little Guido. He faced off with Big Guido, who got tossed next, leaving Sabu and Show. Big Guido was on the floor holding Show’s arm as Sabu came off a chair and hit him with another chair in the back, and Show rolled out. So, Show eliminated everyone but Sabu and lost. Sabu will face John Cena at Vengeance. Show was very unhappy on the floor. The announcers sold that ECW would be at Raw on Monday.

Winner – Sabu