ECW On SCI-FI Results (6/27): Heyman, Sandman, Dreamer, Sabu!

ECW On SCI-FI Results (6/27): Heyman, Sandman, Dreamer, Sabu!

Event: ECW on SCI-FI Results
Airdate: Tuesday, June 27th, 2006
Location: The Roanoke Civic Center Coliseum in Roanoke, VA
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Sci Fi opened with Sabu heading to the ring to face Roadkill. Joey Styles welcomed everyone to the show, noting it was live and that the match was being held under Extreme Rules.

Sabu vs. Roadkill

Sabu dove at Roadkill, then hit a punch and dropkicked Roadkill's legs out from under him. He went for the Camel Clutch but Roadkill got to the ropes. Sabu hit a springboard tornado DDT and then went outside for a steel chair. Sabu set it up and went for the Triple Jump Moonsault, but Roadkill grabbed Sabu's legs, dropping him into the chair. Roadkill got a two count, then hit the Barnburner for another two count. Roadkill hit a running splash in the corner for another near fall. Roadkill went under the ring for a table, but Sabu set up a chair and hit a running flip dive to the outside on Roadkill. A table was slid into the ring. Roadkill caught Sabu with a sidewalk slam for a near fall. Roadkill hit an elbow off the ropes for a nearfall.

Roadkill set up a table and then put Sabu atop of it. Roadkill pointed to the lights to mock Sabu and slammed a chair over Sabu's chest. Roadkill went to the ropes to dive off but Sabu threw a chair at his chest. Sabu then hit a rope rope hurrancanrana for a near fall. Sabu drilled Roadkill with a chair, leaving him facefirst on a table. Sabu came off the ropes with an Arabian Facebuster through the table, then locked on a Camel Clutch. Roadkill wouldn't tap so Sabu beat his back with a chair, then used the chair for additional pressure, locking on the Clutch again. Roadkill finally tapped.

Your winner, Sabu!

Joey Styles welcomed everyone to the broadcast. He and Tazz previewed the Kurt Angle vs. Rob Van Dam main event.

As ECW came back, we saw Fertig the Vampire, who again nod his fangs. Tazz and Joey asked if someone could look into who he was and why he was following around ECW.

In the ring, Tommy Dreamer said that he was impressed with the beating that Big Show gave him last week and said, "Thank you sir, may I have another." Big Show made his way to the ring. Dreamer went right after him with punches, but Show shoved him off. Dreamer kept going after Show, only to be fought off with headbutts. Dreamer was chopped in the corner but kept fighting back. Show slammed Dreamer several times but Dreamer kept getting back up. Show locked on the Cobra Clutch into a backbreaker, then flung Dreamer across the ring. Big Show glared over the beaten Dreamer, then walked out.

Backstage, Mike Knox was telling Kelly that he loves to watch her, but only when she does it for him. He asked her to be in his corner tonight and she said she would love to.

Backstage, Kurt Angle introduced himself and said that tonight he faces Rob Van Dam. Angle said that if he wins tonight he gets a title match. He says that everyone knows that, but no one knows that since April 2nd, he's been a failure. Angle said that was the last time he held gold and when he goes home to his wife and child, they smile but deep down they know he's a failure. Angle said that if he has to beat down RVD to do this, he will because failure is not an option. Angle looked like he was close to breaking down at one point.

Mike Knox (with Kelly) vs. Danny Doring

Kelly tried to flirt with the audience but Knox told her not to do it. Doring and Knox faced off and went into a collar and elbow tie-up. Knox kicked Doring as he came out of the corner, but Doring fought him off with several punches. Knox hit a big sitdown powerbomb. They showed a "fan" in the crowd egging on Kelly, who began disrobing. She had the fan unhook her bra. Knox saw it and shoved the fan down, then put Kelly back in the corner. Kelly finally stormed off. Doring used the situation to unload with a lot of fire, but Knox hit a big boot then drove Doring into the mat for the pin.

Your winner, Mike Kno