The following is the debut ECW on Sci-Fi TV report from

There was a big ECW chant when the house lights went down.

Justin Roberts is the ring announcer for ECW, not Stephen DeAngelis. When he said the crowd would see Smackdown stars later tonight, the crowd booed.

Non-ECW Dark Match: Funaki pinned Simon Dean with a reversed small package.

They introduced Tazz and Joey Styles who came out to Tazz’ ECW music.

Joey entered the ring. He asked the crowd if they knew tonight was the premiere of ECW. He said there’s also a Smackdown taping and asked the ECW fans to keep the risqu?Thants to a minimum because of the families here to watch Smackdown, then gave an Oh My God!

ECW opens with the One Night Stand video package from Raw, followed by John Cena’s declaration from Raw to be here. The theme song is ‘Let the Bodies Hit the Floor.’

Paul Heyman came to the ring carrying a belt inside a bag. He introduced Rob Van Dam. Pyro for RVD, who came out with the WWE title. Van Dam said that he hopes John Cena shows up and helps them celebrate. He says he’s extremely happy to be the new ECW champion. Heyman presents RVD with the new ECW title belt (same title design). RVD says he’ll keep both belts.

Edge came to the ring with Lita. Edge thanked Heyman for inviting him and shook his hand. He said that no matter what he thinks of ECW, he respects RVD. He says he and RVD both broke the glass ceiling and they will tear the house down at Vengeance. Heyman raises RVD’s arm as it appears Edge is leaving but he doubles back and spears RVD.

Edge and Lita left through the crowd but John Cena came up from behind. They brawled into ringside. RVD got involved and he and Cena went face to face. Edge knocked them into each other, hit RVD low, and ran off into the crowd. Cena followed. The majority of the crowd booed Cena.

Cena returned to the ring and grabbed both belts, then dropped them. He decked Heyman then left. The FBI, Balls Mahoney, Tommy Dreamer, Al Snow, and Stevie Richards came out to check on Heyman and RVD.

Backstage, Paul Heyman said that it was disgusting that Raw got involved in the celebration and ECW was going to Raw this Monday. The wrestlers all chanted ECW.

A wrestler named the Zombie walked out in tattered clothes walking with his arms in front of him. He growled into the mic. Sandman came out through the crowd. He entered the ring and started caning the hell out of the Zombie with dust flying everywhere. Sandman hit the White Russian Legsweep and scored the pin.

Sandman caned the Zombie all the way to the locker room.

Backstage, a vignette played with a woman named Kelly (OVW’s Barbie Blank) saying she’s an exhibitionist and would be taking off all her clothes tonight.

Kurt Angle vs. Justin Credible – No pyro for Angle. Angle stretches and suplexed Credible in about 90 seconds. Credible taps while being stretched.

Angle takes the mic and says he’ll do to Randy Orton at Vengeance what he did at One Night Stand…make him tap out.

Backstage, Paul Heyman said everything he had planned for the show is thrown out. He said he’s going to show Raw how extreme ECW can be with a 10 Man All Weapons Legal Battle Royal. The winner will face John Cena at Vengeance and help ECW take the fight to Raw Monday.

Kelly said that up next she would show us all of her, uh, assets.

Kelly came out to an area set up next to the entrance and began stripping. She stripped down to her bra and panties, then unhooked her top, but covered her breasts with her hands. She then left.

10 Man Extreme Battle Royal: Tommy Dreamer, Sabu (ribs taped up), Danny Doring, Roadkill, Al Snow, Stevie Richards, The FBI (Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke & Big Guido with Trinity), Balls Mahoney.

Lots of plunder and weapons shots. Big Show pressed and dropped Dreamer through a table to eliminate him. Show eliminated 7 guys, leaving he, Big Guido and Sabu. He clotheslined Big Guido over but Guido grabbed his arm. Sabu dove off a chair and hit Big Show with a chairshot, eliminating him. Sabu wins and will face John Cena at Vengeance.