ECW ONS Results (6/11): New ECW Champion, RVD!

Event: ECW One Night Stand Pay Per View Results
Airdate: Sunday, June 11th, 2006
Location: The Manhattan Center’s Hammerstein Ballroom in New York, NY
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ECW One Night Stand Opener:

We re live in the Hammerstein and an ECW chant starts up before the famous music hits and Paul Heyman makes his way to the ring to a huge pop from the crowd. A Paul E chant breaks out before Heyman grabs the mic. He says on behalf of every wrestler who wanted to be hardcore more than they wanted to be a superstar, on behalf of everyone who lived the dream and fought the fight and never gave up hope, the tribe of extreme has risen again! Another ECW chant started up as Heyman said this time; they are going to pour their kool aid down the throats of a new global audience that is going to learn that it all started here tonight! A thank you Paul E chant started up as Heyman said they are on PPV tonight; they are back on national TV in a better deal than they used to have on Sci-Fi this Tuesday night. Heyman said this didn t happen because of Paul Heyman, because of Vince McMahon, this happened because of you. If ever the phrase by popular demand ever rang true, from every single one of them from the bottom of his heart, thank you! Now lets take it home, ladies and gentlemen this is better than Monday Night RAW, he almost forgot something, he will be the messiah of the new breed unleashed, the swinging schlong of the extreme! Back to where he was, this is better than RAW, better than Smackdown, this is the rebirth of ECW! We then go to the opening video montage.

Referee: John Finnegan
Tazz vs. Jerry Lawler

The old school music of Tazz hit in the Ballroom as he made his way down to the ring for the opening match of the night. Tazz got a great reaction from the crowd and then Jerry Lawler s music hit as he made his way down to a slew of boos from the crowd. Lawler made his way over to Joey Styles before the match and slapped him square in the face, and laughed his ass off.

The match:

Styles got in the ring behind Lawler and choked at him on his back. Lawler threw him off and went for the piledriver on Styles but then Tazz caught him in the Tazzmission and Lawler is unconscious. Tazz wins!

Winner – Tazz

The Aftermath:

Tazz celebrates his victory as Joey Styles rejoins the commentary table. We then go to footage of Big Show jumping from WWE to ECW last Wednesday. After the video, Tazz is on commentary with Styles.

Referee: John Moore
Randy Orton vs. Kurt Angle

Randy Orton s music hit in the Ballroom as he made his way down to the ring and he is on a mission to destroy the legend of ECW and gain revenge on Kurt Angle and his broken ankle in the process. No one seems to care about Orton as pyro goes off in the ring during his entrance. Kurt Angle then made his way down to a great reaction from the crowd.

The start:

Angle went for the leg of Orton early, but Orton backed off and rolled to the outside of the ring. A p—y chant started up as Orton got back in the ring and Angle with a double leg takedown and went for the ankle. Angle grabbed the ankle lock and Orton was half in and half out of the ring, and Orton pulled himself out. Angle s gonna kill you chant breaks out as the two lock up again. Angle with a side headlock takedown and then Orton sent him to the ropes but Angle came back with a shoulder block and then another side headlock takedown for two.

Mid-match notes:

Orton bailed the outside yet again as the fans got on Orton s back some more, and Orton is pissed. Back in the ring and Angle with a double leg and then slapped around the back of the head of Orton while riding him. Angle drove his forearm into the back of the head of Orton and then locked in a body scissors with a rear naked choke. A you got b—h slapped chant broke out as Angle again took Orton down the canvas. Orton got in the ropes to break the hold. Angle told Orton to put a hold on, and Orton put on a side headlock but Angle easily broke it. Angle let Orton put on a side headlock again, and Angle again broke it. Another side headlock, and Angle with a back suplex to take Orton down. Angle sent Orton to the corner but missed a charge and went shoulder first into the ring post. Orton clubbed the back of Angle and then nailed a nice forearm and some stomps. Orton gave Angle an uppercut and continued to hammer away at him. Angle came back with an explosive takedown but then Orton hit a back elbow knockdown for two. Orton sent Angle hard to the corner and then dropped a few knees on the back of Angle s head and covered for two.

A you can t wrestle chant broke out towards Orton as Angle comes back with a half nelson and rolled on top for a two count. Orton bit the forearm of Angle to escape so Angle went to a grounded bear hug, but Orton elbowed out. Orton locked in a rear naked choke on Angle as the fans broke out in a boring chant directed at Orton s moveset and love for sleepers. Angle fought out but Orton countered. Angle went for a German but Orton elbowed out. Angle finally nailed the German and both men are down. Orton nailed an uppercut but Kurt came back with one of his own. They traded uppercuts and then Angle hit a forearm to the back of the head. Angle hit a clothesline and then nailed the rolling German s. Angle measured Orton and went for the Angle Slam but Orton countered into an arm drag and then hit a nice dropkick for a two count. Orton locked in a side headlock but Angle countered into a belly to back and then took down the straps. Angle nailed the Angle Slam for a near fall. Angle then locked in the ankle lock as the fans chanted Break his ankle but Orton countered it with a roll through and then hit the modified neckbreaker for a near fall. Orton went for the RKO but Angle tossed him to the corner but then ran into an elbow.

The Finish:

Orton went up top but Angle exploded up there, but Orton knocked him down with forearms. Orton hit a high cross body but Angle rolled through for a two count. Orton nailed Angle with a sick clothesline as the fans got behind Angle. Orton went for the RKO and Angle countered and locked in the ankle lock but Orton countered with a roll up for two. Angle with a single leg and then locked in the ankle lock with a grapevine and Orton taps!

Winner – Kurt Angle

The Aftermath:

Angle celebrated his victory to the delight of the crowd as Styles and Tazz talked up that Angle was a great addition to ECW. Orton was shown making his way to his feet as the fans chanted you tapped out at him. Orton called someone down from the back and another referee came down to help him to the back as the fans chanted p—y at him.

Referee: Mike Kehner
The Full Blooded Italians vs. Super Crazy and Yoshihiro Tajiri

The music of the FBI hit in the arena as Little Guido, Tony Mamaluke and Big Guido made their way to the ring and they are set for action with Super Crazy and Yoshihiro Tajiri. A welcome back chant started up and we are set to go.

The start:

Crazy and Mamaluke started out with a lock up which got nowhere. They locked up again and Mamaluke with a go behind and Crazy reversed with a wrist lock but then Mamaluke came back with a wrist lock of his own. Crazy with a snapmare and then a rear chin lock but Mamaluke reversed with a hammerlock into a bridge. Mamaluke continued to work the arm but then Tajiri came in and just stomped on Mamaluke to break it. Crazy tripped Mamaluke and then locked in a front face lock. A Tajiri chant broke out as Crazy locked in a head scissors.

Mid-match notes:

Mamaluke came back with a side headlock but then Crazy with a hip toss and then a fireman s carry slam for two. Another lock up and Crazy with an arm drag. Crazy nailed right hands and then a hip toss. Mamaluke then nailed a hip toss of his own and locked in an arm bar with a short arm scissors. Crazy reversed and picked Mamaluke up onto his shoulders and then dropped him. Crazy hit a face slam and then nailed a standing backflip splash for a two count. Mamaluke came back with an uppercut and tagged in Guido while Crazy tagged Tajiri. Nunzio nailed some stiff kicks to Guido and then a tilt a whirl backbreaker countered into a Fujiwara arm bar by Guido. Guido stomped at Tajiri and then nailed forearm shots. Guido worked the arm but then Tajiri came back with single leg crab on Guido. Tajiri sent Guido to the corner and then locked him in the tree of woe. Mamaluke came in but was met with a Crazy dropkick and then tied into the tree of woe. Tajiri and Crazy then hit stereo dropkicks to the face of each FBI member and Tajiri covered Guido for two. Crazy hit a moonsault from the first turnbuckle and went for another but Mamaluke pulled Guido to the outside. Crazy hit a baseball slide and then an Asai moonsault onto both FBI members.

Big Guido then pulled Crazy to the outside and Little Guido took over sending him to the guardrail, and Big Guido nailed a big right hand. Big Guido threw Crazy back into the ring and Little Guido covered for two when Tajiri broke the fall. Mamaluke tagged in but Crazy came back with a flapjack and covered for two. Crazy locked in a cradle submission but Mamaluke reversed into a camel clutch and then Guido came off the middle rope with a dropkick to the head of Crazy. Tajiri then came in with kicks to both members of the FBI. Guido nailed Tajiri on the apron as Crazy was trying to make a tag. Crazy came back with another flapjack on Guido and tagged Tajiri. Tajiri with a series of kicks on Guido and then reversed a back suplex into a spinning heel kick for two when Mamaluke broke the count. Mamaluke was locked in the Octopus hold but Guido broke it. Tajiri hit the handspring elbow on both FBI members and then nailed a superkick to Guido for two. Crazy is in with an uppercut on Mamaluke and they then locked in stereo Tarantula s on both members of the FBI.

The Finish:

Big Guido is in the ring and misses a clothesline and Crazy and Tajiri take him down with a double dropkick. The FBI come back with a double clothesline on Crazy. Crazy comes back with a boot in the corner on Guido while Mamaluke works over Tajiri. Guido gets Crazy upside down on the apron and dropkicks him in the back into the crowd. The FBI get Tajiri alone in the ring and nailed him with a double fisherman s buster for the win!

Winners – The Full Blooded Italians

The Aftermath:

The music of the Big Show then hit tin the arena and Big Guido is in the ring awaiting him. Show kicked him right in the balls. Crazy missed a cross body off the top. Show grabbed Tajiri and hit a knee to the head. Show tossed Crazy to the outside and then hit a half nelson suplex into a backbreaker on Mamaluke. Show kicked Guido in the head to knock him out of the ring, and Show gets a huge pop from the crowd.

A New Breed:

ECW premieres this Tuesday at 9/10 CT on the Sci-Fi Network.

In the arena:

John Bradshaw Layfield is up in the balcony and calls ECW backyard quality. He says wait a minute, ECW, he recognizes that ring. The fans chanted you suck dick at Bradshaw and he says he sees no women out here and they are talking about a male organ. One year ago, a certain fat blue piece of crap sat there and bled and cried. You guys get on the internet and call JBL a bully and a bad guy. He says nothing happened to him when he knocked and ECW guy out, because there isn t an ECW guy alive who can do anything to him. JBL calls himself the King of Hardcore. He says Kurt Angle, Big Show, Rob Van Dam made their names in the WWE. He says they are stars because of people like him, because of Smackdown and because of Vince McMahon. He then says Tazz is leaving Network TV to go to Tuesday nights on the Sci-Fi Network? He s a household name because of WWE, but these geeks love the Sci-Fi channel. JBL says it s very appropriate. JBL says he wants to thank Tazz, because if he hadn t of left, they would have had to fire him. JBL is coming back as the voice of Smackdown. JBL is the voice of the A Show, and he is the new voice of Smackdown. JBL says to go ahead and drink the kool aid. JBL calls himself a Wrestling God and says that this show sucks.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Extreme Rules
Referee: Nick Patrick
Sabu vs. Rey Mysterio (c)

The music of Sabu hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring as the challenger and he will be facing the World Heavyweight Champion, Rey Mysterio, in this dream match. They then did old school introductions with both participants already in the ring.

The start:

Both men have chairs and then Sabu tosses his down, and Rey does the same. Sabu with a single leg but Rey kicks him off and grabs a side headlock. Sabu with an arm wringer but Rey reverses and we have a stand off. Both men grabbed the chairs and duelled with them and tossed them at each other. Sabu with a back drop and then set up the chair in the corner and hit air Sabu to take Rey down. Rey came back with a drop toe hold on Sabu into the chair when Sabu went for the triple jump moonsault. Rey hit a huricanrana in the corner off the chair and then went for the 619.

Mid-match notes:

Sabu came back with a dropkick to the knee and then Sabu tossed a chair right in the head of Rey. Mysterio rolled to the outside and Sabu followed out. Sabu pulled a table from under the ring and set it up on the apron and guardrail. Sabu got Rey onto the table and then set a chair up in the ring and went for a splash but Rey rolled off the table and Sabu hit the guardrail. Rey sent Sabu head first into the ring steps and then back into the ring. Rey hit a moonsault to the standing Sabu for a near fall. Sabu hit a knee to the head of Rey on the apron and then laid him over the middle rope and hit a Guillotine legdrop for two. Sabu locked in the Camel Clutch in tribute to the Sheik and then went back under the ring and pulled out a table.

Back in the ring and Sabu hit the Arabian facebuster on Mysterio for two. Sabu went back to the outside and set up the table. Sabu was dropkicked off the apron onto the table and then Rey hit a seated senton over the top onto Sabu through the table! Back in the ring and Rey covers for a two count. Rey hit a springboard leg drop for another two count. Rey sent Sabu to the corner and then set up a chair and went for a splash but Sabu moved and hit a springboard heel kick on Rey. Sabu hit the triple jump moonsault and covered for a near fall. Sabu went to the middle rope for an Atomic Arabian facebuster but Mysterio moved. Rey sat Sabu on the chair and then went for a springboard but Sabu moved and Rey nailed him balls on the chair.

The Finish:

Sabu then tossed a chair right at the head of Mysterio sending him to the outside. Sabu followed out and put Rey on the table between the apron and guardrail and then set up the chair in the ring and dived off the top onto the table with a DDT on Rey to the floor. Holy s–t, that was insane! Trainers ran down to ringside to check on both men, a doctor or something says they can t fight anymore, and it s over. The bell rang.

Winner – No Contest

The Aftermath:

Rey was helped to the back as Sabu crawled around ringside, and is trying to refuse medical attention. That spot was insane.

Mick Foley and Edge vs. Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk

Mick Foley s music hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring for this tag team contest. Foley s eye is blackened from last weeks RAW. Before the match, Foley got on the mic and said he did sell out; he sold out Madison Square Garden. He knows he said a lot of bad stuff about ECW, and he s sorry. There was a time when he loved ECW, when he respected ECW, back in the days when it was run by a visionary, when it was owned by a true creative genius. Let s hear it for Stephanie McMahon. Long live the Alliance! Enough about him, they paid to see the co-holder of the Hardcore Title, Edge! Edge made his way down with Lita. Edge took the mic and laughed. He says that Foley doesn t want to mess with these idiots, because this is their night, their Christmas, only their Santa is Jewish, fat and bald. Edge said these idiots will go home and text their imaginary girlfriends about how good this show was, and then they will get on the internet and pleasure themselves to pictures of his actual girlfriend. He called all the fans pathetic. Lita then took a mic and said speaking of pathetic; let s talk about Funk and Dreamer, the Innovator of Silence. They think they have a chance at beating Edge and Foley, but it was just last week when a poor defenceless women sat on Dreamer s face, she can guarantee you that it was more action in one night than all of them have in one year, and that skank Dreamer hangs around makes it a lot better for Dreamer than it was for her. Dreamer and Funk then made their way to the ring and Beulah is with them!

The start:

Edge and Dreamer kicked things off and Dreamer grabbed a side headlock and then a shoulder block. Dreamer with a side headlock takedown but missed an elbow drop and then avoided an enziguri. Foley tagged in and he wants Funk. The fans chanted Terry, Terry! as Funk tagged in. Funk slapped at Foley and Foley backed off and says this wasn t a good idea and he doesn t want to be here. Foley got on the apron but then grabbed Funk and took him to the outside. Dreamer tossed Edge to the outside and things are breaking down.

Mid-match notes:

Funk tossed a chair onto the head of Foley and Dreamer spat beer all over Edge. Funk slapped and punched Foley on the outside and Dreamer has his trash can and pulled out a street sign and nailed Edge. Dreamer tossed the can into the ring and nailed Foley in the head with the sign. Funk nailed Edge in the head with the trash can and then held it in front of Foley s head and Dreamer hit a baseball slide into the can and Foley sending him outside. Edge was sent in to the ring post but then Edge came back with a shot to Dreamer with the street sign. Foley is hammering at Funk on the outside and fought up the aisle with him. Foley sent Funk into the guardrail and into the crowd. We have a ladder in the ring and Edge nailed Dreamer in the head with it. Edge set the ladder up in the corner and sent for the spear on Dreamer, but Dreamer hit a hip toss on Edge into the ladder. Foley was sent into the ring steps by Funk. Funk has the ladder around his head and is swinging it around the ring at Foley and Edge. Dreamer and Funk set up the ladder in the corner and Funk began to climb. Edge is back up and nailed Dreamer and then knocked over the ladder with Funk on it, sending him crashing to the mat.

Dreamer went for the Dreamer Driver on Edge but Lita came in and gave Dreamer a low blow. Edge and Foley looked under the ring and pulled out a sheet of ply wood. They then pulled out another sheet and it s covered in barbwire. They slid it into the ring and then slammed it right into Dreamer. They pulled it off and Dreamer s ear is caught in the wire. They picked it up again but Funk grabbed their ankles and it fell on both Edge and Foley. Funk hammered away at Foley and Dreamer has the barbwire board and sets it up in the corner. Foley and Dreamer sent Foley face first into the barbwire but he puts the breaks on. Funk and Dreamer then nailed a series of right hands and then slammed him back first into the board and Foley s all caught up in it. Edge gave Dreamer an atomic drop on the guardrail on the outside. Foley comes back tossing the board at Funk and Lita then goes under the ring and pulls out a circle of barbwire. Foley wraps it around his forearm and Funk is still all caught up in the barbwire as Foley hit a first drop on Funk with the barbwire. Funk is busted open. Foley sliced the barbwire into the forehead of Terry Funk and he is a crimson mask. A you sick f–k chant started up as Edge choked Funk in the corner. Funk is screaming about his eye as trainers came out to take him to the back. Edge nailed Dreamer and he is left all alone here.

Foley has a barbwire baseball bat and nailed Dreamer in the back with it. Lita is now in the ring and they held the bat over Dreamer s balls and Lita hit a leg drop onto it. Beulah looks concerned on the apron. A we want Sandman chant started up as Foley pulled out socko. Foley rammed it down the gullet of Beulah! Dreamer came back with right hands on Foley to break it up but Edge nailed him from behind. Foley then locked in the Mandible Claw on Dreamer and Edge hit the spear. Foley told him to cover but Edge isn t ready. They have Beulah trapped in the corner and Edge grabs her by the hair. Funk is coming back out bandaged up with a 2X4 covered in barbwire. Foley and Edge await him and then Dreamer comes from behind with two low blows. Funk gets in the ring as Beulah chases off Lita. Funk nails Foley with the 2X4 and then nailed Edge in the gut and back.

The Finish:

Funk then sets the damn thing on fire and nails Foley in the gut and back, and then off the apron through the barbwire board, and Foley is on fire! They extinguish Foley and then Edge knocks Funk off the apron onto the board. Dreamer is back in and nails a DDT on Edge. Dreamer wrapped Edge s throat and head in barbwire and Lita comes in the for the save but Beulah tackles her down! Catfight! Dreamer grabs Lita and nails the Dreamer Driver. Edge is back up and hits the edgeomatic with the barbwire around the neck of Dreamer. Edge then nailed Beulah with a spear! Edge covered her for the win and pinned her as if he was nailing her.

Winners – Edge, Mick Foley and Lita

The Aftermath:

Edge and Lita pulled Foley off the barbwire on the outside. Dreamer checks on Beulah as Funk is a bloody mess in the barbwire on the outside. Dreamer picks her up and gets a standing ovation. Funk is screaming to be cut out of the barbwire.


John Cena is shown in the back looking intense, looking at his WWE Championship. Rob Van Dam is then shown warming up and he looks ready for tonight.

Referee: Jim Molineaux
Balls Mahoney vs. Masato Tanaka

The music of Balls Mahoney hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring with a chair in hand for this next contest with Masato Tanaka!

The start:

The two locked up and Balls grabbed a side headlock and then hit a shoulder block. Balls hit a hip toss and then Tanaka hit some arm drags. Tanaka hit a cross body for two and then chopped at Balls and hit a running forearm in the corner. Balls came back with a powerslam for a two count. Balls hit the Balls combo punches. Balls charged at Tanaka but he low bridged the top rope and Balls went to the outside. Tanaka went for a pescado but Balls slammed him down and nailed right hands on the floor. Balls took a beer from one of the fans and slammed it into Tanaka s head. Tanaka comes back slammed a water into Balls head and then sent him to the guardrail.

The Finish:

Tanaka has a chair but Balls side steps. Balls has the chair and sends it into the ring along with Tanaka. Balls goes up top but Tanaka meets him and nails a superplex for a near fall. Tanaka goes up top but Balls nailed a right hands and went up and nailed a superplex of his own for two. Both men have chairs and then duel with them and Tanaka misses a big shot and then Balls slams him hard in the head with the chair for the win.

Winner – Balls Mahoney

The Aftermath:

Balls shows off the extremely dented chair after this impressive victory.

In the arena:

Eugene is on his way to the ring for some reason, and he does not get a good reaction. Eugene says before this last match he wants to say that he loves ECW. His uncle Eric used to tell him all the time that he is as smart as an ECW fan, but he loves it because he s hardcore! Eugene looks upset at the reaction, and asks them if they are saying boo or Eu for Eugene. He says he wrote a poem. ECW is the place to be, he loves Terry Funk and RVD. Stevie Richards make him howl, when he takes a bath he uses Tazz towel. ECW is not phoney; he wants to hug Balls Mahoney. He wants to hug all of you and go on a picnic with Sabu. The fans chant shut the f–k up at Eugene. Oh s–t, it s the Sandman! Sandman made his way through the crowd with a beer and cigarette. He s using generic music, boo. Sandman drinks his way to the ring. Eugene is all excited to see the Sandman. Eugene waves at him and Sandman looks disgusted. Eugene went for a hug but Sandman nailed him square in the head with the Kendo Stick. Sandman beat on Eugene with the stick on the outside and told Eugene to beg. Eugene begged and then hit him square in the head. Eugene high tailed it to the back with Sandman in chase.

WWE Championship Match
Rob Van Dam vs. John Cena (c)

The music of Rob Van Dam hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring ready for action and will tonight be the night that RVD is crowed the WWE Champion? It could be his best ever chance in front of the rowdy ECW faithful. John Cena then made his way to the ring as the WWE Champion to a chorus of boos and we are set to go. A huge RVD chant broke out before Cena made his entrance.

The start:

RVD got in the face of Cena and Cena is pissed about his shirt being thrown back. A f–k you Cena chant started up and toilet paper is thrown at Cena. They lock up and the fans chanted Cena swallows as Cena backed RVD to the corner and then nailed some right hands. Cena sent RVD to the corner and then nailed a cradle suplex for two. A you can t wrestle chant breaks out as Cena and RVD have a face off. Cena grabbed a side headlock but RVD sent him to the ropes and Cena came back with a shoulder block. RVD missed an enziguri but then caught Cena on the rebound sending him to the outside.

Mid-match notes:

Cena gets back in the ring and they get nose to nose and trade right hands. The fans chanted boo and yay for each punch and RVD knocks down the WWE Champion. Cena comes back with a powerslam for a near fall and then clotheslined RVD to the outside. Same old s–t chant breaks out at Cena as he goes to the top rope and flies off with a double axe handle on RVD. Cena sent RVD into the ring apron and then nailed some right hands. Cena sent RVD face first into the timekeepers table and then held up his WWE Championship. RVD came back with a kick to Cena and then hit a moonsault press off the ring steps. RVD grabs a chair but Cena nails him in the head and then whipped him into the cameraman and into the guardrail. Cena threw RVD flying into the crowd and Cena followed out into the crowd. Cena held a f–k you Cena sign in front of RVD s face and nailed a right hand. Cena tossed RVD back over the guardrail to ringside. RVD came back with a kick and Cena is draped over the rail and RVD goes to the apron and comes off with the spinning leg drop.

RVD got back in the ring and hit a baseball slide to Cena. RVD hit a slingshot guillotine leg drop over the top rope onto the apron. RVD grabbed a chair and Cena is in the corner. RVD skateboarded the chair into the face of Cena and then covered for a near fall. RVD nailed a corkscrew leg drop and then laid the chair on Cena and hit the rolling thunder! RVD covered for a two count. RVD nailed a slam and then grabbed another chair and laid it on Cena again before going for the split legged moonsault but Cena got the chair up. Cena then nailed a DDT right into the chair and Cena covered with his feet on the ropes for two. Cena has the chair and wedges it between the top and middle ropes in the corner. Cena then catapulted RVD head first into the chair, and RVD s head went through the chair! Cena covered and RVD kicked out at two! Cena hit a belly to back sitout powerbomb and the fans heavily booed and chanted same old s–t . Cena did the Five Knuckle Shuffle and then saluted RVD before going for the FU. Cena went for it but RVD reversed and nailed a spinning heel kick.

Cena hit right hands in the corner and then sent RVD to the opposite corner and charged in but ate boot. RVD went to the top but Cena powerbombed him off. Cena covered but RVD again kicked out. RVD came back hanging Cena up in the ropes and then dropped him to the floor. RVD then hit a dropkick sending Cena off the apron and into the guardrail. RVD pulled out a table from under the ring and sent it into the ring. RVD set up the table in the corner but Cena hit a drop toe hold and locked in the STFU. RVD crawled towards the ropes and he s so close and he makes it! Cena won t break the hold but the referee pulls him off. Cena gets in his face and shoves him. The referee shoves him back and then Cena levels the referee. Cena crotched RVD on the top rope and Cena nailed a superplex. Cena went to the outside and dismantled the ring steps, sending the top half of them into the ring. Cena rammed the steps right into the head of Van Dam. Nick Patrick then hit the ring as Cena covered but RVD kicked out!

The Finish:

Cena went for the FU but RVD grabbed the top rope and Cena dumped him over the top rope with an FU to the floor. Someone in a helmet then hit the ring and laid out Cena with a spear, and then takes off the helmet and it s Edge! Edge has speared RVD through the table! Edge laughed as the fans chanted thank you Edge . Edge then made his way up the aisle to the back. RVD is up in the ring and wonders what went on. RVD leapt to the top rope and came off with the Five Star on RVD and covered but the referee is down. RVD went to wake up the referee and Heyman came to the ring and RVD covered and Heyman made the count. RVD wins!

Winner and new WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam

The Aftermath:

Heyman handed Cena in the title and celebrated with him. The Big Show is in the ring as RVD makes his way through the crowd in celebration. RVD is up on the balcony and hugs his wife and celebrates with the title. RVD finally won the big one! Heyman laughed in the ring as it filled with ECW stars. RVD then made his way back down to the ring and celebrated with the rest of the ECW roster, and Bill Alfonso is out there celebrating with him as well. They got RVD on his shoulders as he held the title high. What a sight, and what a night!

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