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Here is a brief summary of Paul Heyman’s interview on Fox Sports Radio earlier today. The summary is courtesy of reader Robert Otto.

Introduction: said he was given credit for the success of wrestling in the 90 s if a gun was held to his head. They said ECW influenced the WWF and WCW

Mentioned ECW is back on Sci-fi and that NBC owns sci-fi and that s its great compared to being on at 2am.

Question: What did ECW do back in the day?

Answer: Stopped insulting the fans didn t have clowns and goofy characters, came in with hard hitting reality characters, like tough guys from the bar or

Question: Who was the biggest personality in ECW?

Answer: Austin, Terry Funk, Mick Foley, said Austin first drank a beer in the ring in ECW NOT WWE!

Question: What is so great about the new ECW?

Answer: It s 2006 and about to be 2007 and wrestling needs a shakeup and it s a cookie cutter environment on Raw and Smack down , lets have more modern characters, more extreme women and let them go further in ECW. Not going to deny the influence of MMA and names UFC and pride by name. He said ECW has the best MMA fighter on the roster in Kurt Angle.

DJs: ask Kurt Angle? And asked if he s been demoted and that gauldy says he was promoted Paul says nothing?

Question: Who wants to see him fail is he worried

Answer: he doesn t care and said it isn t setup to fail and that the chairman has to answer to the stockholders and that it will be a success.

Gauldy the DJ said he was a genius and they banter on about the greats who went though ECW, like Foley, Funk, Eddie. Finally mentioned Vince owns ECW and that everyone is eventually owned by Vince McMahon.

In an article on ECW.com, Joey Styles admits that he hated the debut show of ECW on The Sci-Fi Channel. Although, he admits that he loved this week’s show.

The ECW talent has undergone yet another name change. They’ve gone from being called Superstars to Wrestlers to Rebels. On ECW.com, they are now referred to as “Extremists.” Although, there is currently a typo on ECW.com that refers to them as “Exremists.”