— The PWTorch Newsletter is reporting that WWE is trying not to overexpose ECW on Raw and Smackdown, while still giving it some promotion on both shows. Right now it doesn t look like there will be many more segments specifically related to ECW on WWE TV.

— The New York Post recently had this to say about the return of ECW: “Professional wrestling has always been out there, but now the WWE is taking its ridiculous brand of mayhem to the SCI FI channel. The cable channel is planning a weekly summer series devoted to the WWE spin-off league, Extreme Championship Wrestling, starting June 13.”

— The success of ECW on Sci-Fi this summer will determine whether the show stays on that channel or not. There has been mention of it moving to USA Network if it goes well, however nothing seems to be confirmed yet. ECW airs at 10:00 PM ET on Tuesday nights on The Sci-Fi Channel.