Chris Jericho is scheduled to appear on TSN’s “Off The Record” in Canada on June 14th.

Contrary to the initial press release sent out yesterday, the ECW house show on June 26th has been moved from the Armory Civic Center Arena in Beckley, West Virginia to the Big Sandy Superstore Arena in Huntington, West Virginia.

Dewey Larson, a referee from Fusion Pro Wrestling, announced yesterday that he has been signed to a ECW deal to be a referee for the promotion.

Paul Heyman, who had been working closely with OVW writing and developing talent, will be taken out of the developmental territory to concentrate on ECW full-time. Greg Gagne has been handed some of the OVW duties. This may be a bit rough for Greg who hasn t done any production work since the late 1990s with WCW. His father Vern ran AWA for a while, but Greg was never part of any TV production teams. Some wrestlers in OVW noticed Heyman didn t have the passion he usually had when prepping OVW talent. He knew he was going on to ECW and mentally, he had moved on, away from OVW and its workers. One wrestler said to our sources, he has what he wants (ECW s relaunch) so he doesn t need OVW anymore. Danny Davis and Al Snow will continue to handle promoting and training duties for OVW and may be asked to pick up some of the slack that Gagne doesn’t in the absence of Heyman. For details on how much creative control Paul Heyman will have in the new ECW, visit Will Vince McMahon have creative power as well?