Edge Hurting After WWE vs. ECW, More News & Notes

Although it was reported earlier that the scheduled ECW House Show on June 24 at the former ECW Arena would be moved to July 4 for a Sci Fi TV taping, it appears WWE intends on going forward with a House Show on that date and running another TV taping on July 4. Things are said to be changing so quickly with WWE about the ECW brand and it has made it interesting keeping track of changes or possible changes.

Edge was said to have been hurting pretty bad following the "WWE vs. ECW" special this past Wednesday night in Dayton following his match with Tommy Dreamer. Anyone who saw the match noticed the botched table spot and Edge was visibly in pain. There are no plans for him to miss the ECW One Night Stand PPV tonight.

We had many readers send us word that despite what was reported earlier, Sky Sports in the UK did air a replay of the "WWE vs. ECW" special from this past Wednesday night. The original airing cut out within the first three minutes and returned during the John Cena promo. Thanks to everyone who sent that in.

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