Edge/Cena Street Fight/RAW, Randy Orton, Jarrett & More

TNA's Jeff Jarrett and Bobby Roode are being advertised to headline the Canadian Championship Wrestling show in Thunder Bay, Ontario next Saturday. Also advertised is WWE developmental superstar, Wavell Starr who has appeared at local shows in the past. Advance reserved seating can be purchased at Natural Fit for $30 or $25 at the door for regular seating. (Thanks to Chris Amini)


I just thought I d send this in; Randy Orton is featured on Yahoo's top 20 celebrities with the best tattoos. Orton currently is ranked at 11. He is in front of Method Man and behind David Beckham. (Thanks to Jared Pits)

The commercials here in Cleveland, Ohio for the July 24th show of RAW are promoting Cena versus Edge in a Street Fight for the Main Event. (Thanks to Steven)