Evening Update: Roadkill/ECW, New Tag Team, Rumored Feuds, More

Aaron "The Idol" Stevens and KC James are scheduled to debut on Smackdown as a tag team in the near future. Roadkill was previously scheduled to be brought in a tag team with KC James, and with Michelle McCool as their manager (and Roadkill's love interest), however, those plans have been nixed.


Roadkill is still being called up, just not to Smackdown. Roadkill will likely end up on the ECW roster.

As stated previously, Michelle McCool was scheduled to be the manager of Roadkill and KC James upon their debut on Smackdown. McCool was managing the duo in Ohio Valley Wrestling. McCool is still being brought up to Smackdown, however, it will be as a solo act. Instead of a "country girl" gimmick, she will have a "hot teacher" gimmick. Michelle McCool is scheduled to make her debut this week on Smackdown.

Some possible WWE feuds which have discussed include Edge vs. Carlito, Shelton Benjamin vs. Viscera, Ken Kennedy vs. Booker T, and Bobby Lashley vs. Randy Orton.

Trish Stratus is getting ready to host Canada's Walk of Fame ceremony this coming Saturday. The ceremony will air the following day on CTV at 7 p.m. Pamela Anderson, Alex Trebek, Robert Goulet and Eugene Levy are the most notable inductees. In an article in today's Toronto Star, Trish talks about her plans for the show.