Fairplay Update, Vampiro, Angle, Heyman, & More

I was just watching Fear Factor with Jonny Fairplay, it seems like Fairplay isn't the only wrestler on it, The Miz is on it representing the Real World. (Thanks to Dan Morgan)

Ian Hodgekinson (collectively known to wrestling fans as Vampiro) is the center-point of a documentary that is slated for release in September from Odessa Filmworks. The film will cover the life's story of the man behind the vampire from the small Canadian city of Thunder Bay, Ontario. More information on the film – as well as trailers can be viewed at vampiromovie.com. (Thanks to Chris Amini)

For those of you who want 7/24 Cleveland Raw tickets at ticketmaster.com, I believe the pre-sale password is RAW. I know it worked for me. (Thanks to Pat Lucey)

I was watching TSN and Kurt Angle is still being advertised for the SmackDown show in Winnipeg, though they will more than likely remove him from the card. (Thanks to Chris Amini)

Starting this week, Greg Gagne will be in charge of scripting OVW television. Paul Heyman is completely out of the creative role he was with the developmental territory and is working on ECW.