The following report was written by Mike Johnson and

They showed close, tight shots of the crowd as Joey Styles and Tazz welcomed everyone to ECW, noting they were live from Albany, New York.
Sabu vs. Tony Mamaluke (with Trinity)

Sabu made his way to the ring for a match. They aired clips of a bloody John Cena from last night after he had been put through the table. Mamaluke then made his way to the ring with Trinity. Tazz said if you want Divas, go to Raw or Smackdown. If you want Vixens, you go to Smackdown. Styles noted that ECW was the top show on Sci Fi last week when they aired. Tazz noted that Raw was the top rated cable show of the week. Yep, Vince McMahon is already feeding lines.

The match started out fast. They are shooting the ring tight with the lights in the Arena low to give it a darker feel. Sabu got a near fall with a legdrop. Mamaluke hit a belly to back suplex for a near fall. The commentary focused on what Sabu did to Cena. Sabu hit a slingshot legdrop, then cinched in a Camel Clutch. Sabu hit a springboard plancha off a chair to the floor on Mamaluke. The camera angles are absolutely more intimate this week. Sabu set up a table but Mamaluke attacked him and tossed him back in the ring. He slammed the chair down over Sabu’s face and went to the top. He went for a frog splash but Sabu tossed the chair into Mamaluke’s face while laying on the mat. Sabu put Mamaluke on a table and hit a plancha out of the ring into a splash, putting Mamaluke through the table. They used a closeup angle that made Sabu look like he was crashing into the camera. That looked awesome. Sabu tossed Mamaluke back in the ring and locked on a camel clutch. Mamaluke tapped out.

Your winner, Sabu.

A short but satifying matches with some hard hitting spots. At this point, the show is already WAY better when compared to the debut.

Kelly introduced herself and said again, she’s an exhibitionist. She said that last week she was so excited she couldn’t get her bra off, but tonight she’ll show us, “everything she has.”

When they returned from commercial, Rob Van Dam did a promo backstage, wearing the WWE title around his waist and the ECW title above it. Van Dam promo’d his match later tonight and then said that Edge was going to get his ass whipped at Vengeance, but tonight Edge will get an “Extreme asskicking.” Van Dam said he needed to get rolling, “if you know what I mean” and then led the crowd in reciting “Rob Van Dam.”

The Big Show came out. Tommy Dreamer then made his way to the ring. Styles mentioned how Show put Dreamer through a table last week. Styles announced the ECW 7/4 taping in Philly. Dreamer took the mic and said that last week Show was dominant and got a taste of what is hardcore. He said that if Show wants to feel the heart and soul of ECW and to truly feel what it’s like to be ECW, “You have to go through me.”

Dreamer slapped Show, but Show easily beat him down. Dreamer rolled out of the ring with Show following. Show tossed Dreamer into the ring steps and then beeled him into the guard rail. Show picked up Dreamer and drilled him, back-first, into the ring post. They returned to the ring, with Show continuing to beat Dreamer down and Dreamer fighting back. Dreamer kept getting up every time he was beat down. Big Show put Dreamer in a Cobra Clutch and hit the Chokenstein move that Nick Gage uses in CZW (chokeslam into an over the knee backbreaker), drilling Dreamer down over his knee. He then flung Dreamer across the ring and hit the Chokenstein into the knee again. Show walked off. They showed a beaten Dreamer, pulling himself up, staring towards Show, smiling.

They showed a clip of Randy Orton tapping out to Kurt Angle at ECW One Night Stand, then promo’d the main event/

A Vengeance promo centered around DX vs. The Spirit Squad aired as they came out of commercial.

Kevin Fertig The Vampire was shown baring his fangs outside the Arena. Tazz quipped, “ECW attracts all kinds.”

A masked wrestler, billed as “Macho Libre” made his way to the ring. He said, “Buenos Noches, Ooooh Yeah” acting like Randy Savage and Jack Black had an offspring. He said, “Those this is ECW. Well, Macho Libre is looking for a fight. Yeah! Looking for a fight. Oh Yeah! Snap into It.”

That brought out Sandman, who came down the stairs of the Arena. They showed a pre-taped promo of Sandman inserted in the upper corner of the screen, claiming to be an “ECW original.” He said he only cares about drinking beer and chasing women and, “If you get in my way, I’ll cane the holy Hell out of you.” Nacho tried to talk to Sandman, but Sandman simply caned the hell out of him, then cracked open a beer. Sandman hit the White Russian Legsweep on, as Joey Styles called it, “That big steaming pile of sports-entertainment.” Sandman then covered him for the pin.

Backstage, Paul Heyman was telling referee Mike Posey that the only thing an ECW referee does is count the fall or rule the submission when Jim Molineaux told him John Cena was in the parking lot. Heyman said Cena has some pair of balls and told Molineaux to get everyone together, because, “It’s time for action.” When they returned from commercial, Paul Heyman was riling up the troops. Cena walked into the building, his eye looking like hell. He approached them, acknowledging Van Dam and Sabu, then called Heyman a, “sc*mbag.” He said last night Sabu pulled a hell of a stunt. He said that he’s sure Sabu has a lot more in store for him. Cena said that he has an offer for Sabu and he’ll look Sabu and ECW dead in the eye so they know he’s serious. He said that apparently ECW doesn’t like him or the way he does business. He said he has no problem with that, but he doesn’t like people attacking him from behind. He said that this Sunday, Heyman can bring anyone he wants or anyone he’s got. He said that at Vengeance, it’s Cena vs. Sabu and offers it to be an Extreme Lumberjack match. Cena said he’s man enough to stare a good asskicking in the face, but just wants have a chance to go down swinging. Cena asked Heyman if they have a deal but before he could respond, Sabu screamed, “Deal!” Cena turned his back on the ECW crew and walked away slowly, as they glared at him.

Kelly came out and stripped. She got her top off this time, but an unnamed wrestler in tights (Deep South Wrestling’s Mike Knox) came out with a towel and covered her, forcing Kelly to leave.

They showed footage of Edge spearing Rob Van Dam last week.

They aired a “Test is coming to ECW” promo.

Edge (with Lita) & Randy Orton vs. Kurt Angle & ECW/WWE champion Rob Van Dam

Edge and Lita came out first. Edge took the mic and said he wanted to set the record straight, saying ECW sucks. He said that all the ECW fans suck. Tazz said, “The only thing that sucks is his old lady.” No pyro for Orton. Angle made his way to the ring. Van Dam came to the ring, with pyro. They shot from under the pyro as opposed to a long shot.

Edge and Angle started. Van Dam tagged in, with the Raw heels taking over. Van Dam responded with a kick to Orton, then straddled him across the top rope. Van Dam hit the Ryder Kick (leaping side kick off the ropes) to Orton, who fell to the floor. Van Dam slammed him into the guard rail, then hit a moonsault off the apron to the floor. Orton cut off Van Dam when they returned to the ring and the Raw team worked over Van Dam. Van Dam elbowed Edge as he charged and hit a kick off the middle turnbuckle. Van Dam went for Rolling Thunder, but Lita tripped him and pulled him out of the ring. The fans chanted, “Slut” as they went to commercial.

At some point, Randy Orton seemed to really hurt his arm during landing on it wrong. He almost was done with the match outside of very small spots here and there where he was noticably nursing his arm and taking bumps but still protecting the arm. The finish came when RVD hit Edge with the WWE belt during a spear attempt and followed up with the 5-star frogsplash for the 1-2-3. RVD and Kurt Angle celebrate as ECW goes off the air.