Goldberg Update, Maria/CM Punk, Vengeance, Vince, More

The Augusta Free Press in Virginia has an online interview up with former WCW & WWE World Champion Bill Goldberg at Goldberg again addresses rumors of speaking with TNA and how he was intrigued when he saw Sting come out of retirement for the company earlier this year.


The Sun in the UK has an interview up with WWE Diva Maria where she talks about breaking into the business, wrestling etiquette backstage, how she already was a long time wrestling fan before taking part in the Diva Search, her current relationship with CM Punk, working in OVW and more.

Comedian Patrice O'Neal, who many might know from his numerous appearances on various VH1 programs, conducted an interview recently with Gothamist where he talks about his time as a former creative writer for WWE. "I got fired because the life style you had to lead was 100% WWE. I wasn't interested in making that my entire life. I'd have gigs, and they'd say I had to commit to their stuff. I got a little taste of the life. To write a little bit of the backstage vignettes and to meet everybody was one of the best times I've had."


According to reports, the replay of the Vengeance PPV in the UK saw a few edits. The segment where Vince McMahon "pushed" a kid in a wheel chair out of his office was removed as well as the segment where he went to use a penis pump in a bathroom and it instead exploded green mist all over his face. has an article up at this link about The Crown Coliseum in Fayetteville, North Carolina where Monday Night RAW will be held tonight.