Gunner Scott has been demoted to Ohio Valley Wrestling. He was told that he was not working out well on Smackdown and thus he was sent back down to the minor leagues. He’ll more than likely be brought back to the main roster, but for now, he’s being demoted. He was called up back in April.

Behind the scenes, Vince McMahon has been less predictable and more erratic than ever before. Everyone is catering to him in fear – in fear of him possibly snapping on them. McMahon isn’t running WWE with much input either – probably less than at any point in WWE history. The only two people who have enough clout and respect to disagree with his decisions are Kevin Dunn and Stephanie McMahon.

Some Smackdown wrestlers were pulled to the side for a drug test at last Saturday’s Smackdown brand house show. Its the first time a drug test took place at a house show. The drug test shocked a number of wrestlers.

As noted, this upcoming edition of ECW On Sci-Fi, which will be airing live from Wachovia Center in Philadelphia on Tuesday will feature Rob Van Dam defending both titles against Edge in an Extreme Rules Match.