The reason that Tazz and The King s match at ECW One Night Stand was shown last night was because the show actually ran short and they had to fill time. Cues in the battle royal were also missed, which caused the production team to fix the mistakes in the 90 minute window that they had after the taping ended to before it aired on TV.

The debut ECW return show was written by Paul Heyman and then put through the WWE creative team who then edited it to how they think it should go. Paul Heyman does not have the entire control of the ECW brand as you saw last night. Vince McMahon wants the product how he sees it. Paul Heyman wrote last night s show in order to to meet McMahon’s expectations and visions of ECW.

People who saw Paul Heyman backstage at the ECW show said that it was pretty clear that he thought the show was a train wreck. Everyone in the company also felt the same way. Everyone knew that the show wasn t how they wanted it to succeed and failed.