Jack Black To SD!, RVD, New ECW Double DVD, & More Notes

–While looking through the Smackdown Superstar page, I came across a profile for Ignacio aka Nacho from the new Nacho Libre movie with Jack Black's picture. He's listed as a Smackdown superstar and his profile has pictures and an entrance movie. Seeing this, its a good possibility he will be brought in to plug the movie somehow. (Thanks to Tom Everette)


–Silvervision are advertising a Double DVD release of ECW One Night Stand 2006 paired with ECW Barely Legal 1997 (ECW's first PPV)

The cover shows Rob Van Dam with his "money in the bank" briefcase. For more info visit this link: https://www.silvervision.co.uk/product.asp?pf_id=WWE1140&src=NP_0606050000 (Thanks to Ben Pantelis)

–The current plan in terms of road schedule for the returning ECW brand is shows on Saturday's, Sunday's, and the occasional Monday, with the television tapings on Tuesday's along with the SmackDown! taping. In its' prime, ECW hardly even consistently ran more than two shows a week. For more on new draft picks for ECW scheduled for RAW tonight, including a big spoiler click the link below. (Observer newsletter)