Jarrett Trashes Heyman, Jericho, Goldberg/MMA, & More

Between The Ropes Radio in Florida had Jeff Jarrett on the show yesterday, and as expected, Paul Heyman s comments about TNA in the Miami Herald came up in the conversation. Heyman had said TNA was not even a consideration to anyone in the wrestling industry and the company has failed to brand itself as anything but scorned WWE castoffs. Jarrett shot back with:"Paul's being Paul. I knew Paul when he first came to Tennessee years and years ago. He literally idolized Eddie Gilbert, Tommy Rich, Austin Idol, Jerry Lawler and he's carried that with him since the day he left Tennessee. Paul is a guy that just needs to worry about Paul. He's got a lot on his hands right. Vince McMahon is running ECW. He's gonna run the show up there. Re-quote the first part of the quote because Paul needs to really worry about Paul because I don't think Paul has a clue what he's talking about when he talks about TNA...[after the quote is re-read]...It's not a consideration to anyone in this industry? Go ask Rhino that. Is Rhino not in the industry? And if we're not a consideration, it sort of boggles my mind that every opportunity WWE gets to file off any kind of legal letter, they do. It's truly a David vs. Goliath story. That's their prerogative. That's how Vince McMahon does business and he has all of his guys that work for him with that mentality. Vince is very successful. He's going to make ECW successful in spite of Paul."


You can download a PODCast of the episode of Chris Jericho on TSN's "Off The Record" yesterday that they taped at www.TSN.ca. He talks about steroids, if he will return to the ring and his relationship with Vince.

MMAWeekly.com is reporting that former Bill Goldberg will be a color commentator for The World Fighting Alliance's July 22 PPV.

Tuesday s ECW TV show was the highest rated show in the 18-49 demo on Sci-Fi of the year, and the highest rated show on cable in its time slot.