Jericho Not With WWE, Axl Rotten Resurfaces, More ECW Notes has an article up where they talk with Chris Jericho about a new show on the SCI-FI network called Android Apocalypse. It's interesting to note that he is listed as a FORMER WWE superstar. They also end the article with "Until then though, be sure to check him out in Android Apocalypse on June 24&and while you re watching Sci Fi Channel, stick around and take a look at ECW as well." Doesn't WWE hate ECW and likewise? So why would the WWE website be plugging it. Ugh.


Former ECW star Joel Gertner was outside the Hammerstein Ballroom on Sunday handing out flyers for his new MXW promotion.

Axl Rotten posted a "No Comment" on his MySpace blog when asked about wrestling. He said he took some personal time off the past week. Rotten also began calling friends as nobody had heard from him after the RAW taping he missed out on.

WWE has added all of the ECW performer shirts to their Shopzone website.

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